Governor Scumbag

In the days leading up to the gubernatorial election in Virginia, Politico quoted political insiders in Virginia as saying that Republican attorney general Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign had a “stench of defeat” about it.

On Tuesday, November 5, Virginia’s low-information voters, Barack Obama’s Virginia base, went to the polls and elected Clinton fundraiser and former DNC chairman, Terry McAuliffe, as governor.  McAuliffe was recently described by the Washington Examiner as a “scam artist,” a man who “could teach a few things to Bernie Madoff.”  Now the “stench” that once enveloped only the Cuccinelli campaign headquarters permeates the entire state.

If one were to consult Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary for the meaning of the word “sleaze,” we would likely find Terry McAuliffe’s photograph next to the definition.  In all of McAuliffe’s years in the political arena, what evidence is there that he has ever attempted to put the best interests of the people ahead of the interests of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party?  There is none.  The people of Virginia are in for a long rough ride.

In short, if Virginia Democrats would elect Terry McAuliffe as Governor of the Commonwealth, then they will elect anyone.  The outcome of the November 5th gubernatorial election is proof of nothing more than that, if Democratic elites were to put a ham sandwich on the ballot with a (D) behind its name, Virginia’s Democrats would stand up and salute it.  Of course, a majority of Virginians voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and again in 2012, so we already knew a bit about political tastes in Virginia’s Democratic precincts.

During the Clinton years, between January 20, 1993 and January 20, 2001, I maintained clipping files from the New York Times and the Washington, DC newspapers, detailing all of the day-to-day criminality of the Clintons and those who surrounded them.  And when Clinton left office in January 2001 I painstakingly prepared a summary of all the reputed felony crimes described in my vast collection of newspaper clippings.

The summary was titled “Lives Ruined by Close Association with Bill Clinton,” and contained the names and apparent crimes of 111 individuals and two corporations.  The summary showed that some 54 members of the Clinton team, including Terry McAuliffe, managed to escape indictment; three people, Monica Lewinsky and two nuns from the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles, were granted immunity in exchange for their testimony; three senior cabinet officials, including two cabinet secretaries and the inspector general of the Treasury Department, were allowed to resign rather than face indictment; one cabinet secretary, a black man, was tried by a DC jury on a long list of felony crimes and was acquitted; while fifty individuals and two corporations were indicted for their crimes.  Of these, 38 individuals and 2 corporations were found guilty as charged.  I have no record of the final disposition of the 12 remaining indictments.

Whether or not it will be possible to catalog all of the crimes and criminals produced by Barack Obama during his time in office is difficult to say, but one thing is certain: the criminal activities of Obama and his Chicago Democratic thugs will undoubtedly surpass even those of the Clintons.

In my voluminous files I find Terry McAuliffe listed as being guilty of “conspiracy,” but that word covers a multitude of sins.  McCauliffe served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton years, and if he’d been indicted and prosecuted, as he should have been, and if the judge had ordered his sentences to be served consecutively, he would still be behind bars today.  Instead, he is preparing to be inaugurated as the governor of Virginia.

In a November 3, 2013 WorldNetDaily article by Garth Grant, a number of McAuliffe’s most flagrant crimes are outlined.  For example, during the 1990s, McAuliffe participated in a Florida land scheme financed with some $39 million “loaned” by the managers of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) pension fund, and $100 “invested” by McAuliffe and his wife.  According to WND, that $100 investment is reported to have provided McAuliffe and his wife with a 50% interest in the project.  In the end, the IBEW pension fund was looted for some $45 million and the fund managers were required to make restitution.  Terry McAuliffe was shielded from prosecution by the Clinton Justice Department and he became very rich.

During the 1996 Clinton-Gore reelection campaign, McAuliffe hatched a scheme in which major Democratic donors were asked to contribute $50,000, or more, to the reelection campaign of Teamsters Union president Ron Carey, who was being challenged for union leadership by James Hoffa Jr.  Instead of benefiting Carey’s reelection campaign, those funds were used illegally to benefit the Democratic Party and the Clinton-Gore reelection campaign.  Although McAuliffe was the principal organizer of the scheme, he was not charged and prosecuted by the Clinton Justice Department.  It always helps to have the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, the attorney general, in your hip pocket.

Grant reports that, in 1994, Bill Clinton made Terry McAuliffe the chief fundraiser for the Clinton-Gore reelection campaign.  It was then we saw the “genius” of McAiliffe’s fundraising abilities.  We saw Vice President Al Gore participate in a fundraiser at the His Lai Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles, an event that raised some $100,000 in illegal contributions for the Democratic National Committee.

We saw the White House turned into a new kind of “Motel Six” (i.e. six-figure room rates) wherein the Lincoln Bedroom became an overnight playpen for rich liberals.  And we saw evidence that Vice President Gore made at least 45 fundraising calls from his White House office… a clear violation of the Pendleton Act.  A single violation of the Pendleton Act is punishable by a fine and up to three years in prison.  At Terry McAuliffe’s urging, the vice president violated the Pendleton Act at least 45 times.

The WorldNetDaily reports that, following the 1996 Clinton-Gore reelection campaign, McAuliffe became the Washington, DC “fixer” for a man named Gary Winnick, who headed a fiber-optics firm called Global Crossing.  And although there appears to be no evidence that Bill Clinton and Winnick had ever met face to face, Clinton gave Global Crossing a huge boost in 1997 when he said, “Gary Winnick has been a friend of mine for some time now and I’m thrilled by the success that Global Crossing has had.”

That endorsement by Clinton, arranged by Terry McAuliffe, led to a $400 million contract with the Pentagon, a contract that Pentagon officials resisted.  However, shortly after the contract was signed, Winnick and Clinton played a round of golf together and Winnick made a $1 million contribution to the Clinton presidential library.  But the signing of the Pentagon contract was also good news for Terry McAuliffe.  Early in his relationship with Winnick, he was allowed to purchase $100,000 worth of Global Crossing stock, which skyrocketed in value when Global Crossing went public in 1998.

Then, with a “sense of timing” matched only by Hillary Clinton’s earlier experience in the cattle futures market, McAuliffe unloaded all of his Global Crossing stock at precisely the moment that the stock peaked.  Months later the stock price crashed, Global Crossing filed for bankruptcy, and Terry McAuliffe walked away with approximately $18 million.

But now, after nearly a decade of living in the shadows, McAuliffe has slithered out of the cesspool of Democrat Party politics to run for governor of Virginia, an office once occupied by such giants of American history as Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Randolph, James Monroe, and John Tyler.  If the people of northern Virginia should soon detect a faint rumbling sound and feel the earth begin to shift beneath their feet, it can only be Jefferson and his contemporaries rolling over in their graves.

Reading the headlines these days, one might be tempted to regret that politicians are not subject to the same sort of drafts and trades that exist in professional sports.  We might want to approach the people of Canada with an offer to send them Barack Obama, Terry McAuliffee, and a future draft choice in exchange for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Ford may be a world-class scumbag, but at least we’d always know what to expect from him.

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