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The General and the Community Organizer

Channel-surfing from ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN through MSNBC and Fox News, the inside-the-beltway pundits had a field day trying to get inside the heads of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, General Stanley McChrystal, and McChrystal’s top aides.  The one thing … Continue reading

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The Eric Balderas Caper

Just imagine for a moment that you are Barack Obama… I know it’s distasteful, but do it anyway… and assume that your number one goal, politically, is to make it possible for your party to win U.S. elections in perpetuity, … Continue reading

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Oil Disingenuousness? …

The number of ways that the statists feed us like “mushrooms in the dark” is almost limitless.  I intend to write several essays on the theme of “Maleficent Disingenuousness” that I recently wrote about in this blog. The present dose … Continue reading

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