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We are engaged in the development of a site that will guide people in their quest to preserve our Republic. The article “Saving the Republic” explores what a republic is and how it can be preserved.

In ancient times in the first republic, Sparta, the electors deferred to the sages of the community, the Ephors, men of wisdom, to guide the affairs of the citizenry. Each of us is qualified to be a modern “Ephor” in some area of experience. Our individual experience is unique, and properly articulated, of great potential benefit to those searching to understand what it means to be a free man in a land governed by a republican ideal. This site is dedicated to expanding our personal wisdom and sharing our knowledge with others in the quest of preserving human freedom. You are invited to participate. Add your knowledge and debate the others who are searching with you.

2 Responses to Welcome to the Site!

  1. Susan W. says:

    Ok. I heard about the Site from my good friend Lee, so over the course of several weeks, have looked at quite a few of your posts. My comment is: Guys, could you dummy this down a little?! The first thing you could do is post a link to the US Constitution so I can get up to speed on your references. You might include a link to a Latin dictionary so I can understand the terms some of you use. Then there is the length of your posts—some of these take days to read! Possibly you could add some subtitles so I can at least find my place when I resume reading? All this is to say I really appreciate your intellect, your senses of humor and your conservative outlooks. There is a remote chance that if I keep reading, and you can simplify in any way, I may eventually be able to post a comment in response to your opinions and observations. Hats off to all of you, keep up the good work!

  2. republic says:

    As per your suggestion, the Constitution is posted in Maurice’s Library. We are just getting up to speed here so if you want particular info check out the “tags” and click on anything that catches your fancy. I suggest that you consider subscribing to the RSS feed so that you know when we have a posting. (if it doesn’t work, let us know as there are other ways of notification)

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