What is the Order of Ephors?

The Ephors in ancient Sparta were guardians of the republic. Today, the American republic is in grave danger and there is a compelling need for modern Ephors to guard OUR republic. 

Our mission and our goal is to find the people who can inspire us to the task. Many of you have particular expertise and knowledge that will help save our way of life … so join us with your thoughts … we want you to participate, we want you to talk to your friends.

Go to the upper right corner of the page where it says “register”, and do so. Once that is done you can comment on our articles by clicking on the place that says “comments” or “no comments”. Your active input is important, so that we know that you are out there and so that we can begin a dialogue.

How do I find out about the Order of Ephors?

Read our story, Saving the Republic.