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Democratic Racism “Bubbles Up”

The American left is coming apart like a cheap sweater and Barack Obama is the guy who is pulling the strings. Jimmy Carter seems to think that racism has “bubbled up to the surface” because many white people believe that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country. Well, Jimmy is only partly right. We could name a number of black men and women who would be capable of leading our great country. Unfortunately, Barack Obama is not one of them.

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Will Afghanistan be the next Vietnam?

Over the recent years I have heard Afghanistan compared to our involvement in Vietnam. This comparison mostly revolved around the ‘It’s un-winnable’ argument. While this may be a valid point, it is important to understand why this effort might be … Continue reading

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Letter to Friend ..

Dear Friend: In a way you are like Don Quixote, brave, ethical and steadfast, tilting with a formidable enemy, indistinctly seen, who every time you thrust at him, boots you in the backside. The idea of getting leadership from the … Continue reading

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