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Chuck de Caro’s War – Part 2

During World War II, FDR had his Bill Donovan, and Donovan had radio and television pioneer David Sarnoff and movie producers Frank Capra, and John Ford. So the question arises, does Obama have a modern day Bill Donovan at his disposal, and does he understand the problem well enough to assemble a team capable of exploiting the unique capabilities of television and the Internet as the principal weapons in a global SOFTWAR offensive? Continue reading

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An employment map of the United States

Very scary! When looking at this map, one cannot help but ask “how’s that Hope and Change working for America now?” Of course, hoping means that you are doing nothing. Change?  … well change is going to happen regardless of … Continue reading

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Shifting Political Winds

In the wake of devastating election results in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts… the shifting political winds created by the Obama brand of “hope” and “change” promise to evolve into a political tsunami that will wash many Democrat lawmakers out of office.
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