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Secession, Civil Disobedience, or Nullification

On October 30, 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama stood on a platform in Carnahan Quadrangle at the University of Missouri. Speaking to a crowd of several thousand starry-eyed students and Democrat Party faithful, Obama said, “After decades of broken politics in … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need a Bill of Rights ..

“We don’t need a Bill of Rights in the new Constitution” … that’s what James Madison told an incredulous Patrick Henry, the immediate past Governor of Virginia, when he returned from the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in the fall of … Continue reading

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Trump Has It Right

The fight for global dominion by the greatest evil in history, the radical forces of Islam, has been going on for more than 1200 years. In 732 AD the Muslim Army, moving to occupy Paris, was defeated by Charles Martell … Continue reading

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