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Barack Obama: Communist or Socialist?

Dr. Paul Kengor is a professor of political science at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, a school that ranks with Hillsdale College in Michigan as one of the nation’s finest, but least known, liberal arts colleges.  Kengor is the author … Continue reading

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Poking at Hornets’ Nests

Rev. Wayne Perryman, of Seattle, a recovering Democrat, has pursued lawsuits against the Democratic Party on three occasions, seeking to win an apology for centuries of oppression, murder, mayhem, and bigotry directed against blacks.  And although he and most of … Continue reading

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Can Ron Paul be Elected?

For years and years, for my entire lifetime, one of the things that has graveled me is to hear socialists, communists … foreigners in general make reference to “Imperialistic Americans.”  But what is a country that has hundreds, maybe as … Continue reading

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