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A few weeks ago Bill O’Rielly was waxing eloquent about how Davy Crockett was illiterate  and was therefore an embarrassment as a Congressman … “Sockdolager” is supposedly a true story about Crockett’s views on the welfare state … see if … Continue reading

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On Global Warming

On Global Warming Lee Barron There is a standard in human logic that is very helpful in determining what to believe about a theory or event … Occam’s Razor – It asserts, “ The best answer to a complex problem … Continue reading

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Obama: Hope, Change, and Failure

Barack Hussein Obama has now occupied the Oval Office for just 185 days. Under normal circumstances we might expect that a new president, supported by strong majorities of his own party in Congress, might have accomplished at least something of value in that length of time… Continue reading

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