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The Post-Decency Pretender

In an October 27, 2009 article for the Wall Street Journal, editorial writer William McGurn refers to Barack Obama as “The Post-Gracious President.”  In support of that characterization McGurn cites the unprecedented and never-ending digs at George W. Bush that … Continue reading

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Maleficent Disingenuousness

Eighteen months ago in the United States of America no one, even though the words were known to many, would have used the word “trillion” or have characterized an American as a socialist, Nazi, communist or Marxist.  Now we hear the … Continue reading

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Why we can sleep at night!

From time to time it is comforting to reflect upon the military power of our great country and to recall that our armies are not armies of conquest, but are dedicated to world peace and human freedom.  Enjoy the link … Continue reading

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