The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat

In “Strategy” we have seen that politics is very much like warfare, you have to have an ultimate goal, when confronted by an enemy you have to plan if and where you will attack him and finally you have to attack him in an intelligent manner so as to maximize damage to him while keeping damage to a minimum to yourself, but with enough elan to win your battle.

In the “Black Swan” we identified a huge chink in the armor of the socialistic leviathan that confronts us, so now is the time to design our campaign plan and institute the tactics that will destroy “Obamacare” but leave our troops in a position to be first in the hearts and minds of a constituency that longs for leadership out of this political morass … so let us begin —

First, what do we know and what do we do about it?

Peruse it:

  • It is an incomprehensible 2000+ page Law that virtually no one has read … we should point out some new repugnant feature of it a daily basis
  • Since few have read it and fewer could possibly understand it … excerpts of the most incomprehensible legalese should be quoted on a regular basis
  • Thousands of pages of bureaucratic rules (that have the force of law) have been added to the legalese … the public should be constantly reminded of the thousands of pages of rules accompanying this law
  • It is a bill that compels Americans to buy something from the government … forcing someone to do something against his will is extortion and tyranny
  • It is a bill imposing scores of new taxes … the President lied about this to get the law passed
  • It is a computer program containing hundreds of millions of lines of code that do not work … how many man hours does it take just to read a half billion lines of code, let alone to understand them so they can be edited
  • It is an unaccessible computer program …  the fact that no one can access it is a huge embarrassment to the enemy and should be continuously harped on
  • It is a health insurance that contains unwanted features for every user … private insurance is tailored to the individual customer, this insurance has at least one feature that repels everyone
  • It is a health insurance that has escalating premium cost and stunning deductibles … the pricing is a scam … the premiums seem reasonable, but the deductibles are devastatingly expensive
  • It has health insurance premiums that unfairly target the young … this inequity should be continuously brought to the attention of the young.
  • It is a health insurance that was fraudulently promoted by government officials … everyone covered, no birth control, no abortion, no taxes, less expensive, and on and on (all lies)
  • It is a program that guarantees unintended consequences far into the future … 2000 pages of law, 20,000 pages of rules, 700 million lines of code equate to chaos
  • It is a program that the sickest will gladly buy and the healthiest will shun

Obamacare is vulnerable to attack from scores more directions and therefore any competent field commander should be able to disassemble it piece by piece without ever even considering frontal attack.  The Republican Party should admit the defeat of their opening frontal attack (although that defeat brought the battle to the fore) and encourage the Democrats to make their pet project work. The Republicans should sit back and instruct the public as to the ramifications of the adoption of the various features of this flawed legislation.  Traditional Republican Rinos should refrain from their classical error, that of “we will repeal and replace” or “we will make it work.”  We do not want to replace it … health care from the Federal government is specifically beyond the scope of the Constitution.   This bill is entirely the work of the Democrats and the Republicans should force them to “make it work.”  It is their baby and they should live with it.  Obamacare is the socialistic antithesis of Americanism and millions of Americans will not put up with it if they are properly informed and led.  If the Republicans deftly expose Obamacare it will fall of its own weight, the sooner, or an aroused public will electorally enfranchise them to repeal it, the later.

As a matter of tactics it is always the fault of planners to under estimate the opposition.  When we have a really good plan, we think we will win.  But if we, in our arrogance, believe that the enemy is not as cognizant of the situation as we are … maybe not as smart as us … maybe just plain dumb, then we will lose.  History is replete with lesser generals attacking seeming flaws in the enemy’s dispositions only to find themselves annihilated.

How about our enemy?  We know that the dream of the Socialists and Progressives in the United States for the last century has been single payer, national health care, the lynchpin of totalitarian socialism.  Our friend, DeDuckt, using the principle of “Occam’s Razor,” would deduce that our enemies would gladly simplify the unbelievably contorted, obtuse, unworkable maze of 2000 pages of law and 20,000 pages of regulations that is Obamacare by substituting a simple straightforward bill establishing “national health care.”  That may well be their aim, and if so, our duty is to fight the war so that the public understands that the socialist goal is the enslavement of the American Public.  If it flies, swims, quacks, waddles, has web feet and a flat bill like a duck … it is probably a duck!

And finally, as we have formerly commented, President Obama is totally contemptuous of the Constitution.  He has limited emergency powers to institute temporary law called “executive orders.”  He can order (or clandestinely see to it) that the federal bureaucracy do his bidding like the DOJ’s “fast and furious” or the EPA’s vast land grab in the western USA and he cares little if his wishes are illegally or extra-legally carried out.  He knows that it takes years and untold amounts of money for those so injured to achieve redress through the courts and he is quickly packing the courts with more fellow travelers so that even redress may become impossible.  But more seriously he can use this power to “Dictate” laws that have not been approved by Congress as the Constitution requires.  We have all heard him threaten, “if Congress will not act, I will.”  That is the threat of a tyrant … the American Revolution was fought to free us from such a tyrant … the Constitution was specifically written to keep such a tyrant from coming to power.  DeDuckt can easily see, as I also can, that Obama cannot bend the Congress to his will, with the Republicans in power in the House of Representatives.  So I (we) fully expect him to attempt to rule by fiat using his “executive powers” to achieve his socialist agenda.  If he does, he must be impeached; something that the House can and in those circumstances must do.  Never mind that his sycophants in the Senate will not convict him … remember the Grand Strategy is to win the war … one little piece at a time.


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