See, I told you ..

About a month ago, when everybody was running around in ever diminishing circles, wringing their hands about America’s “greatest environment tragedy of all time,” I wrote into the blog “Our Intellectual Excellence” which described how “Mother Nature” has been taking care of oil spills (or seeps) since long before there was any human civilization.  It is my belief that Man is far too arrogant about his effect on the Earth in comparison to the effect of Mother Nature.  The Earth is huge and Man, even mankind, is as a mote of dust upon it.

It has become apparent that this “greatest environment tragedy of all time” is but a tiny, insignificant bump in the road for Mother Nature, which she will navigate with ease.  But there is another, and to man, more sinister tragedy emanating from the Gulf oil spill and that is the moratorium on drilling, now illegally, being imposed upon the oil industry.  My bet is that the government in Washington, DC, following the dictum of “never letting a crisis go to waste,” will try to prevent drilling in any way possible, for as long as possible, in order to foment as much distress as possible upon the citizens of America in an attempt to anger as many people as possible.  This is the way of “Change” which I am now equating with “Revolution” … the socialist revolution, some would characterize it as a modern “coup d’ etat,” that we are now experiencing.

Read the link below and then let us see if our national government, now that they know the truth, will lift its restrictions on drilling.  I am betting that they won’t.

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  1. ccbarron says:

    And……the drilling moratorium continues. They are now talking about a “bailout” for the rig workers. In other words, let’s plan a $100 million fund to compensate the workers for lost wages. Forget letting them get back to work, which would actually help the economy. No, let’s borrow MORE money to pay them for doing nothing.

    Back in July, Ken Salazar of the Obama administration imposed a moratorium on drilling. The same was struck down by a federal judge about a month later. Two days after that, the Obama administration imposed *another* moratorium citing “new information”.

    It is indeed a coup d’etat. The President and the executive branch are supposed to work with the other branches of government to govern the land. As long as they get what they want, well then, it’s fun to enforce the law. But when it doesn’t go according to plan, just keep trying until something sticks.

    There is no oil left in the Gulf. Those hungry, lovely little microbes ate it all up in a most anaerobic reaction. That means the fish weren’t suffocated due to lack of oxygen. But long after the oil has disappeared, the drilling moratorium still stays in place. Now why would Obama and his team want to deliberately hurt the economy that way? (especially in a red state)

  2. Estela says:

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