Maleficent Disingenuousness

Eighteen months ago in the United States of America no one, even though the words were known to many, would have used the word “trillion” or have characterized an American as a socialist, Nazi, communist or Marxist.  Now we hear the words from another time and place being used to describe government spending and members of our society.

100 years ago, even 50 years ago, there were people who lived in far away places (with strange sounding names) being oppressed, enslaved, de-humanized, persecuted and, yes, even murdered in the name of these collectivist, totalitarian ideas.  Dictators then, like Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, and Mussolini, and more modern ones, like Pol Pot, and others, mostly from Latin America, like Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales all had in common … a hatred of individuals, individual enterprise and capitalism … and a love of collectivism and the “State.”  These totalitarians, to a man, all came to power by fomenting class hatred and by promising “a better life.”  And to a man, once in power, usurped human freedom in the name of promoting their individual dreams of a collectivist Utopian regime.  They all passed laws to compel compliance with their vision and each enforced their laws with the grimmest possible police force such as the GPU, NKVD, Gestapo, Red Guard and social re-educators.  All of these leaders were/are foes of the American way of life and some have actually tried to force their will upon us.

Most Americans, 50 or 100 years ago, recognized that these socialistic, totalitarian dictatorial regimes were the antithesis of our way of life and realized that their leaders meant to overthrow our way of life or to conquer us or to wipe American society from the face of the Earth.  Millions of Americans dedicated their lives to the prevention of this … as a matter of fact; hundreds of thousands gave their lives to our cause.

Most Americans, but not all, rejected collectivist solutions to societal shortcomings in favor of traditional charity and self help …  but some empathetic Americans were not satisfied; they could see that there were injustices in our society and they wanted massive and quick action to do something about it.  This yearning for social justice was a vacuum begging to be filled.  And where better to find fodder to stuff into this gaping hole than in institutions of higher learning?  Professors and philosophers thinking about the problem found a fertile path in the musings, among others, of Kant, Hegel, Engels and Marx.  The students of these teachers, arrogantly sure of their intellectual superiority because of their life station and higher education, needed some tool in order to make a more perfect world.  When socialistic revolutionaries in Europe, with their false promises of the Millennia, began to experiment with collectivism, many of the intellectuals in this country felt that they had their model.  The American Intelligentsia and particularly the press heralded the new saviors.  Magazines like “Time” actually featured people like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Mussolini as exemplars of the new world order.  The problem was that these “Enlightened Ones” did not, or would not see, the horrors that were being perpetrated.  Some well meaning, and uninformed, Americans did not and still do not or will not see socialism, in any form, as the monstrous system that the 20th Century demonstrated it to be.  One of the problems is that Individualism and Capitalism was not intellectually defended in this country, in any large measure, until about 1960.  Had the sycophants of socialism been introduced to or been able to study Mises, Hayek, Friedman, Rand, the writings of Pasternak or Solzhenitsyn or the materials in “Maurice’s Freedom Library” in this blog, the story might have been very different.

But we have a new generation of Americans, Americans who know nothing of the injustices or horrors of totalitarian socialism.  Or of the methods of the proponents of it.  As a result, in the elections of 2009, America unknowingly signed up for a socialistic “Coup d’ Etat” under the guise of “Change.”  How was the groundwork for this sorry state of affairs laid?  I believe by a conscious campaign of “Maleficent Disingenuousness.”

We have commented previously on Soviet chairman Khrushchev’s threat “we will bury you.”  At the time, we thought that he was threatening to nuke us.  I believe now that he, as a dedicated communist ideologue, could see that we were well on the path to socialism as he spoke.  In the 19th century the socialists failed in America and some of their leaders changed the name of their movement to “Progressive.”  The Progressives slowly, with infinite patience, but steadily, bombarded the American body politic with lies, semi-truths, distortions and fabrications about the inequities, injustices, shortcomings and unfairness of the American republic, the capitalist system, individualism and the free market.

The socialists have become very successful by using the methods laid out by Marx and Lenin, that is that the use of any untruth, lie, immorality or distortion is justifiable in the quest for power as exemplified by the dictum, “the end justifies the means.”  Following this path, the failed socialists of the 19th century began by changing their name to “Progressive”, for the most part abandoning their quest for a direct takeover and began infiltrating the existing American political system.  Although they made great gains in the Republican Party, by the end of the 20th century, the national leadership of the Democrat party was almost unanimously Progressive socialist.  I do not mean to infer that the rank and file Democrats were socialists, but the leadership was.  Obviously not every Democratic Congressman is a socialist, but the majority of his party is.  When the Congress organizes, the majority of majority party elects the leadership, which in the case of the Democrats is now socialistic.  Therefore, ANY Democratic Congressman, regardless of his personal beliefs, if he votes with his party, is giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the American republic.  The Progressives that now lead our country gained power by lies, half-truths, and fabrications …  what I call “Disingenuousness” … and that disingenuousness is evil and calculated … it is “Maleficent.”  Let us look at some of these methods that have been used … the socialists manufacture a problem, blame it on someone else and then with much pomp and ostentation propose their collective way to solve it.    Some of their pet projects, each which could be the subject of a blog, are as follow:

  • They say … “We lost the Viet Nam War.”  Really, did we?
  • They say George Bush lied.  Really did he?
  • They say big business caused the financial crisis.  Or was it governmental intervention?
  • They say refrigerants caused a hole in the ozone layer.
  • They say global warming is man made.
  • They say we are for the little farmer.
  • They say logging must stop to save the Spotted Owl.
  • They say we must stop agriculture in middle California to save the Delta Smelt.
  • They say nuclear power is too dangerous to use.
  • They say burning hydrocarbons to produce electricity is unacceptable.
  • They say we can solve energy problems by utilizing “new forms” of energy.
  • They say we are opposed to big business, but for the “little man.”
  • They say Republicans are racist and are opposed to the “African American.”
  • They say Republicans are the party of “No.”
  • They say we are ruining the environment for profit.
  • They say development of hydroelectric resources is ruining the environment.
  • They have stopped off shore drilling for oil and gas.
  • They have stopped continental drilling for oil and gas.
  • They are trying to stop open pit mining.
  • They are trying to stop underground mining.
  • They have stopped heavy industry.

The list of things that seriously hurt the American economy is almost endless.  We are continuously bombarded by newly discovered threats to the good life.  Tens of thousands of mom and pop service stations have been closed, because their supply tanks might leak.  We worry about chemicals.  Hardly a week goes by that we do not see pictures of bureaucratic squads dressed like mummies in clean suits scooping up soil that has been contaminated by … gasp!!! … diesel or oil or spending hours bussing up mercury from a broken thermometer, something that many of us played with in our hands when we were kids.  The chemical industry is demonized.  We have toilets that won’t clean because we are supposedly saving water.  If you tear a label off your pillow or mattress you are committing a Federal misdemeanor …

The positions that the Progressives have: I am for energy, but against obtaining it; for the little guy, but against his employers; for production, but against mining, logging, farming, and processing; and so on is without question disingenuous.  But if all of this is not just plain stupid meddling by inept Representatives, but a conscious program, then it is surely pure treason, it is maleficent.

It is Maleficent Disingenuousness, a conscious, diabolical program to ruin capitalism, do away with freedom and destroy our Republic.  An evil plan to enslave the only truly free society that ever was … the socialistic Progressives will have “buried us” as their black knight from Russia predicted so long ago.

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