An employment map of the United States

Very scary!

When looking at this map, one cannot help but ask “how’s that Hope and Change working for America now?” Of course, hoping means that you are doing nothing. Change?  … well change is going to happen regardless of how we handle it, change is what determines winners and losers. As Americans, if we do not like what is happening, we can change it by a simple expedient —


Review this Unemployment map of the United States. This is hard to believe! I had to review this map a couple of times to grasp the enormity of it.  This amazing display — The Decline:  The Geography of a Recession …  was constructed by Latoya Egwuekwe —

Be certain to click the PLAY button middle screen and take note of the dates!

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  1. ccbarron says:

    I think the Democrats gained control of Congress starting in late 2006/early 2007. Maybe there is a coincidence there? Of course, W never vetoed a single spending bill to my knowledge so there is blame to go around. Maybe 2010 is the year we get back on track?

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