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Individual freedom, the incontrovertible basis of our society, cannot co-exist within a command society, be it a tyrant or a collective.  The free man does not depend upon the orders or largess of others, he knows and revels in the idea that he has “free will” and knows that he is ultimately responsible for his fate and those people and things that he cares about.  In a free society the free man’s freedom ends at your nose.  The gauge of freedom is that the individual can do anything, so long as he does not injure others.  The maxim for the actions of a free man is, “To do no harm to others.”  However, in this wonderful country, the old saw, “he who has the gold, makes the rules” is certainly true.  Here is the difference between a free society and a totalitarian (socialistic) society.  In a free society, if you don’t like the (golden) rules of a particular situation, you are free to move on.  Contrast this with a command society, where the committee or the bureaucrat tells you what you can do, from the cradle to the grave.  Since humans are a gregarious lot and, for the most part, for many reasons, enjoy the company of others, we have instituted governments to allow for our association with each other in an orderly and non-threatening way.  The free person chooses to conform to a certain modicum of rules in order to support an orderly society.  The totalitarian has a plan and he would compel others, in any way including force, to follow his ideas of a perfect society.   The question is, for us who would be free, “what kind of government best allows us, each and every one, the most individual freedom?”  The answer for those who have studied the problem, like our forefathers, and failing any viable alternative, is republican, representative government.

We, of today, were born into their free republic, a system that has protected the rights of man like no other system in all history.  Our Republic is now being subjected to death by a thousand cuts by the minions of Fabian Socialism.  We must act NOW if we are to save the light of freedom that emanates from the torch of Liberty from those dark forces.  The question is how?

The answer is in the Constitution.  The delegates of the States, the Writers of The Great Document, loved their children, the Federal government and its units.  They gave the Federal government full latitude to act within the bounds for which it had been created.  They, however, like the ancient Spartans, did not completely trust what might happen or what the new government might do, so the States maintained final authority.  The Writers also understood that The Great Document might need to be modified from time to time and gave the child, Congress, the ability to PROPOSE changes, by amendment, reserving for themselves the ability to adopt.  In this way the power in Congress, under the Constitution, is always subject to the will of its creator, the States.  Throughout American history, the Congress, by 2/3 vote of both Houses has proposed all the Amendments to the Constitution and has almost always done so to limit the powers of the States.  Outside of a few Amendments that were enacted to clarify encumbrances to the flow of good government, nearly all have been enacted to correct abuses of individual freedom.  The States, for the most part, have enthusiastically supported those actions, but their ratifications were not always logically thought out or closely debated.  It is apparent now that some Amendments were proposed to specifically attack our republican government.  Some Amendments, and portions of the Constitution itself, have been interpreted, either by members of the government or of Congress or of the Courts, to the determent of the Republic.

Many members of Congress, as well as huge numbers of society at large, now believe that the Federal government is responsible to or should make all the laws and govern everything in the United States.  Generations of American students have been taught that America is a DEMOCRACY.  This is not so, nor can it ever be, massive Democracy in free society is impossible, as we have previously discussed.  If they could know how their Document has been perverted, our forefathers would be rolling in their graves.  Parochial people that have no concept of the ideal of human freedom have become members of Congress, both in the past and presently.  They pander to their constituents in order to win election and re-election.  They believe that they are there to “bring home the bacon” to their constituents.  This attitude is the proximate cause for the “ear-marks” so reviled by many.  The reality is, however, because the “bacon” is perceived as “free money” that a Congressman who fails to “bring home the bacon” often is soon shunted to a “real” job or at least a place in the un-employment line.  The “DEMOS”, the mob, has learned how to vote itself largess.  To say that the system is corrupt is an understatement of the first water.

However, if we look at who has the real power in the United States it is still the States.  When the Congress or its members get to the point that they disregard, subvert, bribe, cajole, dictate to or otherwise ignore their relationship under the Constitution to the States, it is time for the father to discipline the child.

The Constitution needs to be amended to redress the transgressions of the Congress, the Courts and the bureaucracy.  It is the only non-violent way to cure the excesses that we see.  The States have never amended by convention, except upon the original ratification.  But the Constitution can be amended, by first by convening a Convention called by two thirds of the States for proposing Amendments and second, adopted upon ratification by three fourths of the States.  Could this be done?  An analysis of the “red” versus the “blue” States strongly suggests that the Convention could be called.  An analysis of the “red” versus the “blue” counties in the several States suggests that true reforms could be ratified by ratification Conventions in the States.  And finally, true to the republican principles without which there would have never, could have never been a United States of America, each State votes equally in a ratification.  Wyoming could cancel Connecticut; Idaho, California.  It is patently obvious that many members of Congress, and the Left Wing Intelligencia, would resist this idea by all means possible, for they know that it is they that need to be reined in.  Consideration for popular support should be realized from the American public, which is exceedingly angry with politicians in general and the Congress in particular.  It is time for grass roots leadership to retake the reins of our destiny.  It is time for the Governors and Legislators to reassert their rightful role in American government.  They need to call for and then formulate the Amendments necessary to preserve the Republic.

What specifically should be done?  Let me suggest –

  • First and foremost, repeal the 17th Amendment.  This action would restore true peer selected statesmen to the Senate who would faithfully represent the interests of their States.  It would simplify the process, stopping the demagogues, huge campaign expenditures and the outside influence of pressure organizations and the deleterious effects of massive wealth or fame.  Once again, men like Webster, Calhoun, Clay and possibly even a Lincoln would reappear in that august body.
  • Repeal the 16th Amendment.  Individual income taxes, coupled with FICA and now health and environmental (hidden) taxes will soon approach 50% or more of each individual’s income.  Ask the rhetorical question, “What does the Federal government do for you that is worth half of everything you make?”   … the Federal Government was run for 124 years without income taxes.  There will never be stability in our government so long as those Congressmen with the checkbook have unlimited funds with which to feed lobbyists and bribe voters.  The Federal government has plenty sources of revenue to fund those operations for which it was created, without the income tax that enslaves us all.
  • Clarify that the 14th Amendment was not ratified to strip the States of the guarantee in Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution of their right to a Republican form of government … of their choosing. It is inconceivable that the States knowingly expected the intervention of Federal courts in the make-up of their legislatures to result from ratification of an Amendment to grant suffrage to former slaves.  If that had been the intention, the Amendment would have surely failed.
  • Clarify that the “Interstate Commerce Clause” is to promote commerce between the several States only and is patently not a license to, carte blanche, regulate all aspects of American life.  This interpretation of the Constitution is diametrically opposed to the intent of the founders.  They did everything in their power to protect the States and republican principles from overreaching by the Federal government.  The Supreme Court’s interpretation of this clause completely subverts the reason for State governments and the spirit of Republicanism that was held to be so important by the Founders.
  • Clarify that no Federal law is valid in this land that did not to originate in the Congress and go through the process of enactment described in the Constitution.  The President should have wide latitude to administrate his duties in an expedient manner.  Provide that any executive order be effective for only a time certain and then expire unless ratified by a simple majority vote of both Houses of Congress.  To fail here invites future Dictatorship.
  • Provide that the no person appointed by the President can hold a position of administrative authority, of enforcing the Law, unless confirmed by the Senate.  Possibly let a majority of the Senate designate those officers requiring confirmation.
  • Revisit Congressional monetary powers.  Should the Congress be empowered to encumber Americans, now and in the future, with limitless debt?  Should Congress be constrained to limit its money to gold and silver as the States are?  Should America’s money be regulated by a private entity?  Why isn’t the Federal Reserve Bank audited?
  • Reaffirm that only those things specifically designated in the Constitution are in the purview of Congress and that all other governmental duties are in the purview of the States.
  • Western States, supposedly on an equal footing with the original States, are treated as chattels of the Federal bureaucracies because of retained lands.  These States are perfectly capable of administrating their territories.  Most have trained their Federal administrators at their own institutions of higher learning.  Federal administration of these lands is an un-articulated national tragedy.  There should be no Federal lands, with the exception of landmarks and possibly parks.

None of us, who care for the freedom of the individual or of economic life, wants in any way to do away with the Constitution, only to strengthen and closely define its original intents.  There is a small cadre of Leftists, Internationalists, who believe that the freedom of the individual should be eliminated so that their nebulous Millennia of love can be ushered in.  If their empathy for love, safety, sharing, caring and such, is so compelling, why must it be forced upon those of us who believe in the inviolability of the individual and the free market, whether we agree or not?  Leftists, who believe that way, also believe that those who consider the Constitution the guardian of freedom must be eliminated politically, because they are such an impediment to their goals.  The intellectual Leftists are few, but their un-intellectual following, those who are interested in “bacon” coerced from “them” are many.  The Left has been so incrementally successful in subtly destroying the Republic that we must take action now.

We could take a lesson from the Left … we could consider one, several or all the suggestions above.  We got into this predicament by their maxim … “If you can’t have a full loaf, insist on one anyway and if that is impossible, then settle for a few slices that you didn’t have before.”  But the time for Fabianism is well past.  If a Convention is convened, all the suggestions need to be considered, because further action may not be possible or delay may be fatal to the cause.

The States, the true manifestation of popular democracy and exemplars of republicanism, through their democratically elected governors and their democratically elected representatives must act immediately.  The roll of the Federal government must be put into perspective and action must be taken to relegate it into its proper place in our Republic.  The consequences of failure to act could very well mean the end of the Republic and with it, the end of human freedom … maybe forever!

Can the Republic be saved?  It is up to us … it is up to you …

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