Funny, Ha Ha!

This last week has been an exercise in high theater … whether it is comedy or tragedy remains to be seen.  I, for one, believe it could be called tragi-comedy, for many years ago a much respected friend pointed out to me that there is “funny ha ha” and “funny sad.”

The week started with the Senate Democrats and one Senate RINO in Max Baucus’ committee voting a thousand plus page “health care” bill to the floor for debate.  A bill that none of them had read that, we are told, purports to provide health insurance to the 46 million (they say) of our fellow citizens that have none.  And only at a cost of $800,000,000,000+.  A pittance compared to the $1,400,000,000,000 already spent this year by the federal government, a sum that pales when compared to the $12,000,000,000,000 national debt.

The interesting thing is that the Baucus bill still leaves 16,000,000 of the 46,000,000 citizens still not covered.  It was reported that the larger sum included 12,000,000 illegals and maybe as many as 15,000,000 young people who didn’t want to buy health insurance.  Let’s see … 12 + 15 + 16, … hmmmm! 43.  46 – 43 hmmmm! 3.  Let’s see … 3,000,000 into $800,000,000,000.  Just short of $275,000 per person served.  Now of course the above is not the true picture, but it probably gives you a better idea about what is going on than you have gotten from anyone in Washington.

The Congress has no idea of how to fund this program.  But I can tell you.  More taxes, more borrowing and by just outright printing more money.  Or if you are a devout Democrat, by reducing Medicare payments to the old and the doctors stupid enough to minister to them or by taking it from the rich … i.e. billionaires or the big evil companies.

To any sane person, this spending cannot be sustained.  We know it in our guts, but we go along because “they” the government apparently has a “miraculous pitcher.”  And since we, ourselves, cannot possibly produce enough to make any difference whatsoever, there must be someone somewhere who can.

Well, our irresponsible debt can be paid by us, which we know we can’t do, or by our children, may the Good Lord smite us if we take that route or our entire system will have to go bankrupt.

We have been sweet talked into this by politicians who are magnificently adept at bribing us with our own money or by stealing our children’s or other people’s.

We Ephors need to analyze this, suggest solutions and then find courses of action to stop this insanity or our Republic will be gone and along with it, human freedom.

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