Are You Frustrated?

Are you frustrated with our government?  Are you appalled by some of the edicts coming down from the Federal Supreme Court and the Federal bureaucracy?  Do you feel helpless in the face of attacks on your church, your morals, your freedom?  Are you satisfied that someone in government is protecting your Constitutional Rights … your freedoms?

Are you happy about Canadian wolves decimating the elk and deer herds and attacking our livestock and pets in the West?

Are you thrilled that the Western lumbering industry was shut down to save the “Spotted Owl?”

Do you think that all public buildings should have 3 bathrooms; his; hers; and not sure?

Do you agree with the continual negative cacophony at the Federal level to do away with our right to bear arms?

Do you think that abortion is murder?

Do you believe in same sex marriage?

Are you happy that a Federal Court apportions your Legislature?

The list of these un-Constitutional atrosities is fast becoming larger and more tyrannical than the reasons given for the Revolutionary War in the Declaration of Independence.

Can you or we collectively, do something about it?  The answer is Yes … the solution is in the “Bill of Rights” … it resides in the 10th Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. 

The powers of the Federal government are few and strictly defined.  The powers of government denied to the States are few and strictly defined … beyond that, everything in government belongs to the States individually or the People to be instituted as the citizens of each State see fit. Only the Congress can make laws and only about the powers that are set forth in Constitution. The Executive, after agreeing to the laws of Congress, is to see that they are properly executed … the President is not empowered to make law. The “Supremacy Clause” constrains the Supreme Court to only act on laws that are promulgated under the powers granted under the Constitution … the Court has no power to amend the Constitution by reading into it words that are not there.

The US Constitution guarantees the states a republican form of government; under the un-Consitutional rulings of the Supreme Court the republican form of government in the States has been crushed.  The Court un-Constitutionally ordered that the States apportion their Legislatures by population alone, which is beyond their authority to address and which is a tyranny of the majority, an outcome clearly repugnant to the intention of the Founders of our Republic. The ruling is the death of our state republics which are being sacrificed to the road of Statism or worse.  Nowhere in the Constitution is there any hint that the Federal Government can reapportion legislatures or that any part of the government can introduce wolves, close forests to protect owls, force anyone to build extra bathrooms, condone murder of the helpless or overrule a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman; the violation of our faith, our laws and our freedoms is becoming endless.

All these injustices can be righted once we, in our State, assert our right under the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights to make any needful laws ourselves without Federal intervention.

We have the perfect vehicle to begin to right these wrongs. That is to ignore the federal mandate, as we have a right to do, during our coming decennial reapportionment. 

We are being told to entrench this federal atrocity in our state constitutions … we should emphatically say NO!  We should demand that our state legislators present us with an amendment our State Constitutions that gives each county a Senator and at least one Representative and by doing so, get rid of horrific legislative district gerrymanders.  Demand that the Legislature present us with that amendment to our constitution for a vote and let us … We the People … decide whether we want a socialist dictatorship of urban majorities or our God given Republic where everyone’s voice can be heard.

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