Armageddon? ..

When I started university many years ago, my school of choice was a land grant college.  As such, in those days, a young man had to submit to 2 years of reserve officers training. (ROTC or as we called it rot-C)  Since I had dreams of being a fighter pilot, I joined Air Force ROTC.  I remember in particular a lecture given by my professor, a Lt. colonel, on the methods of conducting warfare; he said for the air force there were four ways.  Conventional: strafing, bombing, psychological, ect; Nuclear; Chemical and Biological.  I think that I pretty well understood conventional and nuclear … I knew people from WWI who had been subjected to chemical … but I am not sure that I ever understood how biological warfare would be conducted.

I envisioned loading up the local crop duster’s airplane with some kind of nasty stuff, then flying out over the enemy and giving them a good dusting with something like small pox, anthrax or bubonic plague. I also could see dropping a bomb loaded some horrible pathogen into a large metropolis or their water supply.  However, I kind of dismissed this out of my mind, because it seemed to me that any disease that would be transmitted would take far too long in its incubation to be of any real effect in a wartime scenario.  It never occurred to me that the enemy would most probably be totally unaware of what my bomb had done.  The first three methods of warfare, and even the crop duster, require active, aggressive action that the enemy can combat.  Even the more subtle way of bombing the water works or the city with an apparent dud are pretty aggressive.  On further reflection these ideas came to me later in life.  All these methods are still aggressive with a long time delay and so out of mind it went again.

The ultimate goal of war from the aggressive point of view is to conquer your enemy by destroying his forces in the field so that the populace has no one to defend them.  Or alternatively by destroying the populace or its will to resist either completely or to the point that it cannot resist.  If an attack could so affect populace’s confidence in the government that they would rebel, it might foment a revolution that would result in a capitulation that would satisfy the aggressor’s war aims.  Examples of this are the Russian revolution and the subsequent capitulation by the Bolsheviks to Imperial Germany in WWI or by the overthrow of Mussolini during WWII.  But could these aims be achieved by passive means rather than aggressive means?  To do this it would have to be a very subtle attack by a very determined enemy who would have to play the role of innocent bystander.  A bystander who was willing to sacrifice much.  America has such an enemy, the devious, crafty, dedicated, patient, subtle, brutal, arrogant, genocidal Chinese Communists.

There is a city in central China, Wuhan, about the size of New York City with a population of about 11 million.  Wuhan is a highly industrial city.  Some of Wuhan’s industries are pharmaceuticals and biological research.  Wuhan has the largest, newest, most sophisticated biological research center in China and probably the world.  They do biological research on viruses.  They can clone, re-combinate and otherwise manipulate existing strains in the most advanced ways known.  The Communist Party (CP) says that the Corona virus (COVID-19), first found in Wuhan, came from wild animals, eaten raw by the people.  Is it possible that the virus came from the laboratory downtown?

COVID-19 infection is much like the flu.  It is related to the recent SARS virus that ran rampant several years ago.  However there is no vaccine for it and about 1 in 75 people that get it die.  The virus is spread as an aerosol, that is by droplets in the air from coughing or sneezing.  Of course those droplets can get on your body or clothes and can be ingested from your hands by wiping your nose or mouth.  It is nasty, nasty and it, like the flu, being airborne will be everywhere and we, each and every one of us will eventually be exposed.

Is it possible that the CP, an enemy that has sworn to destroy us, has been looking for a biological like this to promote biological warfare?  Maybe they are and maybe not, but what a beautiful passive weapon.  You develop it, turn it loose on your domestic population, a population in a very cosmopolitan city and let the chips fall where they may.  Very soon, foreign travelers will have spread it worldwide.  … Oh, come on, Lee, the CP wouldn’t loose this on 11 million people in Wuhan.  Oh, wouldn’t they?  Would it make any difference to the CP if everyone in Wuhan died?  11 million out of 1.8 billion?  No!  Would the CP care if 100 million Chinese died from this infection?  Leaving 1.7 billion — No!

Would the people of America care if everyone in New York City died?  Absolutely unthinkable!  100 million?  Unrecoverable, incomprehensible!

So how does the USA react to a virus that did not exist 100 days ago that at this point has no cure, but as yet has not been demonstrated to be any worse than the common flu that last  year hospitalized 450,000 people and killed nearly as many people as died in traffic accidents?  Well, we freak out, both the populace and the government, in the greatest demonstration of mass hysteria in American history.  Absolutely incomprehensible!  Considering an ancient fable  I would point out that when Henny Penny finally got the entire barnyard hysterical, the calm one, the fox, ate all of them up.  It is more than obvious that COVID-19 will not come close to being a pandemic like the Spanish flu or the bubonic plague.  But what is not so obvious is the damage that is being done to the country.

I believe that one of the most successful military operations that has ever happened in world history was when a platoon of 19 Arabic soldiers hijacked 4 airliners and crashed them into large buildings.  Yes, lots of innocent people were tragically killed, but the collateral damage of that attack nearly 20 years ago still goes on in the limitations of personal freedom, cost of safety measures, anxiety and continuing angst.  But the present viral attack on us is far more subtle and ingenious.  Passive vs. Active!

It isn’t the “pandemic”, but our reaction to it.  Myriads of citizens standing apart, wearing handkerchiefs, bandanas, dishtowels, hoarding or stealing TP, there are people in isolation, racked with fear, businesses shut down,  schools shut down, travel restrictions, there is un-Constitutional lawmaking, the anxiety and on and on.  It is a tragic commentary on the state of the credulous American citizenry.

But the most frightening thing and the thing that can defeat us is the reaction of the government.  The Congress and the President with smiling faces and the aura about them of love, care and beneficence, after totally shutting down the entire nation have now provided a “cure” for their ineptitude.  They have borrowed from the Federal Reserve Bank, 2.2 trillion dollars, quickly followed by a 850 billion dollar supplemental to bail out affected citizens and businesses.  The Congress at the urging of the Secretary of the Treasury is considering injecting another up to 7 trillion dollars into the world banks to help struggling foreign nations.  Let’s see … 10 million-million dollars of counterfeit money … financed by wealth stolen from all the nation’s capital assets, but mostly from middle class Americans … but the government says that if you do it right, it is “free” money.  How long can this go on?  Maybe this is the straw that will break the camel’s back!  Chinese or Statists or not we need to face the certainty that we are in a war for our Republic and right now we are losing!  Are we too late?

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  1. Dwight Butlin says:

    Nice job Lee. More people need to read you article.

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