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Our Republic is being attacked by the New Left.  These people are mostly the millennials, the ones with the burn for Bernie; the Social Democrats.  They have been taught by their teachers of the supposed evils of capitalism and imbued with notions of rampant racism, misogyny, environmental destruction, political correctness, existential climate change and enumerable other maladies brought about by “right wing radicals” and their dupes like the “red necks” and libertarians who believe in the sanctity of the US Constitution and who in their supposed uneducated bliss live in the unenlightened “red state,” the “fly over country.”  These useful idiots, as Lenin would have called them, have no feeling for work, because most of them have never done any or if they have, they are seething with discontent at their wages.  They have no feeling for the value of money, because, for the most part, if they needed some, their parents eagerly provided it.

This is a new political generation that was born after 1992, 26 years ago, the year that the great socialist utopia, the Communist Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics, finally bit the dust and joined the other great socialistic experiment of the 20th Century that had failed in May of 1945, the National Socialistic Workers Party of Germany a utopian system known commonly as the Nazi Party, a socialist paradise called Fascism.  These millennials know nothing about the horrors of socialistic statism.  That had all disappeared before they were born.  They have never contemplated what it would be like to be subject to the will of a dictator like Hitler or Mussolini or a central directorate run by a monster criminal like Josef Stalin or Mao Tse Tsung or Pol Pot.

Socialism’s appeal to young people is the visionary  view of an utopia where everybody is equal, peace prevails for all, no one hurts anyone, everybody’s needs are met, the sick are to be cared for for free, no one has personal advantage over anyone else, everyone has the same education … basically “to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities.”  Of course, someone has to be in control to see that these ideals are faithfully carried out.  Typically, the overseeing is to be done by a democratic committee, so that the views of one or two or more individuals, who could possibly be wrong, do not become ascendant. The needs of the few (or the individual) must be sacrificed to the needs of the many.

Just a little reflection on this scenario will lead to the conclusion of its unworkability.  The world is not made up of classes, but of individuals.  An individual’s primary concern is for himself/herself.  One is not equal in size, strength, ability, intelligence, determination, empathy, lethargy, morality, ethics or any other characteristic to anyone else.  If personal endeavor is not rewarded, why endeavor?  Obviously, in a society such as this, one’s needs grow exponentially and their abilities are never tapped for there is no reward.  Twentieth Century socialists lived in a gray, bland world like automatons.  They did what they were told or they became enemies of the State.  These societies were forced upon and maintained upon the populace by the sword and in every pseudo-successful state run by maniacal tyrant.  Of course, that was in other countries … but we here in the USA are smarter and more enlightened than those other foreign people … we can make it work, can’t we?

And how did those socialistic societies emerge?  In every case, by violent bloody revolution.  The advocates of these violent revolutions, in particularly the Communists like the intellectual Marx or Lenin wrote voluminously and spoke widely about how to foment revolution.  Here in the US in modern times, the guru of this “Hope and Change” to people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders was a community organizer named Sol Alinski.  Their tactics are those which we have discussed in this blog … Fabianism in politics and government, civil turmoil like the accusation of misogyny by men, existential climate change, radical Constitutionalists, race hating whites, abuse of women,  Obama care and on and on.  Probably the most succinct indictment that I can give you is what they teach their acolytes about how to do our constitutional Republic in.

Below are Sal Alinski’s Rules for Radicals:

Power is not only what you have but what you make your opponent think you have;

Stay within the confines of your expertise;

Take the opportunities presented to go outside the expertise of your opponents;

Make your opponents live up to their own rules;

Ridiculing your opponent can be a most potent weapon;

Make the tactics used by your own people enjoyable to them;

Do not employ a tactic so long as to drag it on;

Always keep pressure on your opponent;

The threat is usually more terrifying than the actual thing;

Develop tactics to keep pressure on the opponent;

Push a negative long enough to turn it into a positive;

Always have an alternative solution, lest the opponent accuse you of having no solution;

Pick the target, preferably a person, then freeze it, personalize it, and polarize/isolate it from sympathy

Then peruse the 10 tenets of Communism below and muse as to whether our government has adopted any of them to the determent of our freedom and Constitution and if they are incorporated, who did it:

Abolition of Private Property

Progressive tax

Abolition of Rights of Inheritance

Confiscation of the property of all emigrants & rebels

Central Bank

Government Ownership of Communication and Transportation

Government Ownership of Factories and Agriculture

Government Control of Labor

Corporate Farms and Regional Planning

Government Control of Education

I maintain that we are now engaged in a war for the survival of our Constitution and Republic … there has been as yet little shooting and very little blood has been spilled, but that could all change in the blink of an eye.  The Lord Christ said as he died on the Cross, “forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.”  Do you suppose the millennials know what they are doing?

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