The Silent Majority

My friend, Olani, a devout Christian and Patriot sent this to me and I share it with you.

The Silent Majority

Where is it?

In a kinder, gentler and more respectful time, politically speaking, we spoke of the “silent majority.”  This group was represented with individuals from all walks of life, from the north and the south, for the east and the west, democrat and republican.  Who speaks of the silent majority today?  Who represents them and what effect do they have in our society today?

I would like to make a proposal about this group and then discuss several points to back up my proposal.

As Barack Obama began his first campaign to become president of the United States, he created a theme of “hope and change.”  Little detail was ever discussed about his proposed “transformation of America” during the entire campaign, but it worked – Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America.

During his first year in office, he gave a speech in Pennsylvania.  In that speech, he isolated a group of people as “enemies” of the country.  He referred to them a “Bible huggers and gun toters.”  I was appalled.  I could not remember any President speaking in such terms about a relatively large and meaningful group of people -people who love their God and are protective of citizen’s rights to hold and bear arms.  At the time, I wrote several letters to President Obama accepting his challenge that I was an “enemy of the United States.”

Let me propose a different way of analyzing the presidency of President  Obama.  Instead of reviewing the first term and then the second, let’s review his first two years and his last two years.  In 2009 and 2010, the democrat party controlled the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House.  They also held a majority of the governorships of the nation and most of the state legislatures.  However, when 2015 rolled around, President Obama found himself with a republican House and Senate.  As he stated, “I have my phone and my pen”, and for the last two years of his presidency he ruled as he desired with executive orders, regulatory pronouncements and personal declarations.  That has changed, now the republicans hold a majority of the governorships (today they have 35 governorships) and over 1,000 democrat seats in state legislatures have been lost.  Apparently someone was not pleased with “transformation” they had experienced in the previous 6 years.

Who was the leader of this great change in the political landscape of America?  Which pollsters were driving this change?  Were there elite marketers and organizers driving this change?  None of the above!  A mass of Americans stood up and said, ENOUGH!  This group has several common characteristics, such as:

  1. Love of our heritage, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence
  2. Willingness to obey the law themselves, and a desire that all citizens obey the law
  3. The felt need to fix our entire immigration system
  4. A total disgust of the way business is done in Washington D.C.
  5. A desire to have religious freedom and for Christian values to be respected

This “indefinable group” caused the massive political change from 2009 to 2015.

Now it was time for the presidential campaign of 2016.  The “silent majority” were seeking a “catalyst” to continue and complete their desires.  The Republican Party started with 16 candidates, all of whom were fine individuals, with some great ideas and a desire to serve.  One of them, Donald J. Trump, was considered to be a “joke”, a “farce”, a total outsider.  He was rough around the edges and, in the beginning no one thought he had a prayer.  The Media laughed, were incredulous and totally disbelieving as to his credibility.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the election –  he didn’t go away!  His followers were quickly dubbed, the deplorables, racists, white supremacists, ignorant and unsophisticated, and many other names.

Mr. Trump made many mistakes, spoke outrageously at times and was often counted out, but he never quit.  At 8:00 PM on the night of the election, most people still assumed he would lose.  No group of people has been so consistently wrong as the group who opposed Donald J. Trump from the beginning until the present time.  This group includes democrats, the liberal media and even a fairly large slice of the leadership of the Republican party!  Every excuse in the book has been heard and discussed, but here are a few facts that will not go away:

  1. “We the People” provided President Trump with 307 electoral votes. Not a landslide, but 37 more than were required
  2. “We the People” helped him win 30 States
  3. “We the People” helped him win more counties than any president since Ronald Reagan. More than George H. W. Bush, more than Bill Clinton, more than George W. Bush and yes, more than Barack Obama
  4. To my knowledge, no one has yet shown how the Russians helped Trump win a single county, let alone more counties than any other president since Ronald Reagan
  5. By the way, all those deplorables, racists, white supremacists, ignorant and unsophisticated people, they are the silent majority. The left wing politicians, quickly becoming socialists, just renamed them, trying to get them to go away
  6. There is a real war going on in America today. There are no guns or battle lines.  However,  the left got so arrogant after the 2008 election, they thought they would always control government groups.  Obamacare was designed to become a “single payer system” in 2017.  The left could not conceive of the possibility that a democrat would not be in the White House on January 20, 2017 to make sure the transition occurred.  Today they are fighting to remain relevant.  Sadly, our education system, and Bernie Sanders, have been training the young people of America to value socialism and communism.  They felt they were close to “transforming America” as President Obama desired, but they have not yet succeeded.

Now comes the critical question – “Will the deplorables, the racists, the white supremacists, the ignorant and the unsophisticated” be around in2018?  In 2020?  The answer is a resounding: yes!  “We the People” still seek the same goals, they are crucial for our survival as a nation.  “We the People” continue to hold dear, the qualities and integrity that some have such a desire to destroy.  We will not allow that.  We do not need a leader, we have our standards.  We aren’t  sure what politicians have similar  standards,  but we are identifying them daily and we will work hard to get others to run against them and conquer them!

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