Repeal and ……….Replace?

We who believe in Constitutional principles, individualism, capitalism and the free market stood by with open mouthed, gaping disbelief a few years ago as the then leaders of the majority Democratic party cajoled, misrepresented, fabricated, lied and tricked their way into coercing the hapless rank and file Democrats of Congress into adopting “Obama Care,” the ACA … the Affordable Care Act. Who can forget … “You can keep your doctor” … “The price of health care will go down” … “We will not finance birth control” … “we will not fund abortion.” And on and on as the socialistic “Progressive” leaders of the Democratic Party tricked the rank and file of their party into the beginnings of the socialistic “single payer” government run form of health care that has so stifled the medical practices and medical communities in Canada and Great Britain. It was appalling to see Bart Stupak and his friends in the Congress credulously accept President Barack Obama’s promise, in order to get their votes, to nullify the abortion clauses in the ACA by executive order, which he did not nor ever have intention to do. One of the tenants of Marxism is that “the end justifies the means.” It is OK to lie to get the law you want by suborning little people of no consequence, Lenin’s “useful idiots.” And what are the consequences?

The ACA, which is socialism, with its coercive taxes, mandates of participation and threats of incarceration, has been a miserable , frightening drag on individuals and on the commerce of our country. But it is law … allowed under the Constitution, according to the Supreme Court by being a tax, under the Sixteenth Amendment. It is probably the most hated law in the US since the infamous “Fugitive Slave Act” which led to the Dred Scott decision and contributed mightily to the Civil War. In spite of this it has its supporters … left wing zealots and of course those who receive its medical benefits without having to pay for them. The zealot’s eyes are aglow with socialistic ecstasy when they speak of … “pre-existing conditions” … “free birth control for college women” … ” participating in one’s parent’s insurance until age 26″ … “20 million uninsured, now insured.” Of course, there is never a thought about how to pay for it beyond taxing the subjective “rich.”

So the people who will pay the bill, the downtrodden middle class, seeing this monstrous attack on them began to rebel. They formed the “Tea Party” and banded together to stop this attack upon Freedom. They threw enough of the scoundrel Democrats out of the House of Representatives in 2010 to give control of that body to the Republicans who were promising to repeal Obama care. But they did not get rid of the Democratic Senate with its ogreiferous leader Harry Reid, nor the Progressive muslimophilic President, Barack Obama. But, nonetheless, the Tea Party and the Republicans finally managed to gain control of the Presidency, House and Senate in November of 2016. Additionally, as soon as they came to power, they filled a vacancy on the Supreme Court with an esteemed jurist who is ostensibly a Conservative. (we shall see on this) Everything is coming up roses …. right? … Wrong!!!

The voting public thought that they we voting for people who were promising to repeal “Obama Care.” And in many cases they were, that is if their candidate was not disingenuous. The American public is learning, but only slowly. We do not remember or maybe are incapable of remembering words or phrases that are parsed. Remember President Bill Clinton saying: “it depends on what the definition of “is” is. There are a lot of Republicans who are closet Democrats … we call them RINOs. When the Tea Party spectacle of “repeal” emerged, the RINOs, who secretly like socialized medicine had to morph the movement into something that would protect the concept. So, they, along with a left wing media, began to say … “we need to repeal AND REPLACE Obama Care.” The American public, being credulous people, forgot to listen (read?) what was being said.

I don’t want Obama Care replaced, I want it repealed. A replacement is still SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. Is Republican socialism better than Democratic socialism? I think not. Why on Earth would anyone want to substitute bureaucratic incompetent insensitivity for the best medical system in the World? Don’t you think that you and your doctor can make better decision about your health than a committee of bureaucrats?

We know that the Ryan/Trump Care package will not and can not pass the Congress because the patriots in Congress like Rand Paul, Mike Lee or Ted Cruz will not vote for socialized medicine and RINOs like Lisa Murkowski or Susan Collins from Maine, who refused to stop Obama Care when she could have, don’t think it is socialized enough.
If you modify Obama Care, then you are accepting that we will have socialized medicine at the Federal level. Obama and his socialistic Progressive acolytes will have won and America will be well on its way to socialistic utopia like the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist Cuba, modern Venezuela and all the other failed socialistic states of the last 150 years.

So what should be done?
First I will write the bill that should be introduced:
Be it enacted:
“The Affordable Care Act, known as Obama Care, together with all its Amendments, Rules and Regulations, together any and all references and modifications in any other law, rule or regulation supporting it is hereby repealed. This law is to be effective on January 1, 2018.”
Now wasn’t that easy? What Republican Congressman would dare vote against this bill and then face his constituency?

Once this is done, Obama Care or the modification of it is no longer at issue in any way. And socialized medicine in the USA has disappeared. Democratic chicanery has disappeared and they can’t do anything about it. We are back to free market medicine. The shoe has now been moved to the other foot, the Democrats and RINOs will have to move fast to address their concerns about the present system.

At this point, if it is repealed, hopefully the States but, probably the Congress can take up any perceived shortcomings in our health care system. They can debate how to insure people with pre-existing conditions, whether the government should supply young unmarried women, or any women for that matter, with birth control supplies, whether medical insurance can be sold in the free market across state lines, whether young people should be carried (by law) on their parent’s insurance policies until they are 26, whether government should continue to fund abortions and abortion clinics, whether Catholic Nuns should be compelled by law to support and provide for birth control and whether to consider any of a myriad of other controversies pertaining to socialized medicine. But the beauty of this approach is that every Congressman, Democrat or Republican, will be on record as to where he stands.

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