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I have commented in previous blogs about the sickness in the Republican Party. It is the RINO phenomenon.


There used to be a wing of the Democratic Party that was moderately conservative, but, increasingly, beginning probably about President Lyndon B. Johnson’s time, the doctrinaire socialists, the Fabians, have slowly been taking over the party. If you are a Democrat and conservative there is no place for you to go politically … except the Republican Party. In much of fly-over America, a Democrat can no longer be elected to office. So what are you to do if you want to get into politics? Why, of course, join the Republican Party and then vote like the Rooseveltian Democrat that you are. These people are “Republicans in name only” the antecedent for the acronym RINO …. Many have done it and there are thousands in office across America who are RINO’s.


How does this work?
The new Democrats, the “Progressives,” realized one of their socialistic, totalitarian dreams, to the horror of freedom loving conservatives, when they mandated Obama-care. This energized the representatives of the conservative wing of the Republican Party to action.  Since that black day in March 2010, they have labored long and hard to convince the American public to overturn that monstrosity. To repeal it, lock stock and barrel. Obamacare is socialized medicine!
The Conservatives in the Republican party began immediately to work to repeal the 2000+ page monstrosity that nobody (except the authors) had read when in was voted into law. But for the RINO’s the repeal was too radical … they began to tout “Repeal and Replace” of the bill. In other words, they wanted to replace Democratic socialism with Republican socialism … “my socialism is better than your socialism.”
Polling showed that this evil law was very unpopular with the voting public. The conservatives in the Republican party parlayed the promise of repeal into great electoral success, winning the House and Senate in 2012, 2014 and finally the Presidency in 2016. Of course, the RINO’s got right on board in the election cycles calling themselves “Conservatives” until the elections were over, when, safely elected, they began calling themselves “Moderates” and the real Conservatives “Radical Right Wingers.” President Donald Trump, an ex New York Democrat, switched from Conservative to “Populist.”


Trump was not popular among those in the Republican establishment such as Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, George Bush (1 &2), Jeb Bush, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and many others.  People of this ilk absolutely vilified Donald Trump during the Presidential campaign, only the Republican conservatives supported him.  Now that he is elected, the detractors have crept out of the swamp and are his “buddies.”
So what will happen to Trump’s agenda? How does it work?
To begin with, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, organized his buddies in the House, the moderates (RINO’s), to write the repeal Bill for Obamacare. The Bill that he presented did not even make an attempt to repeal the law, only to modify it. The Conservative Caucus, the Freedom Caucus, was horrified and had no choice but to oppose his Bill with all the powers at their disposal … which are substantive.  Without their support, the Republicans do not have enough votes to pass the Bill.  Ryan tried to bully the Bill through and failed. At this point, what is Ryan’s alternative? Either rewrite the Bill to repeal Obamacare or look for votes from the Democrats to pass his Bill. What will the Democrats do … repeal or replace? The answer is obvious.  The “Moderate” leadership will do what they always do. The Republican “Moderates,” the RINO’s, will band together with the Democrats and pass the modification, telling the country at large that “this is the best that we can do.” If President Trump goes along, he will have ventured too close to the swamp and “gators” like Priebus and Ryan will have swallowed him up and dragged him and his administration into the brackish water.
Who wins in this scenario?
President Obama, trained from childhood as a Marxist and Socialist, did what the Fabians, George Bernard Shaw and his associates, advocated for the “glorious revolution” over a century ago … ask for something ridiculous, fight hard for it and settle for half. Almost everyone now thinks that we need to replace free market health care, the best health care on Earth until 2010, with a government entitlement. (see: Modern Fabianism [2/11/2010])
Obamacare is a classic example of Fabian Socialism and the greatest victory for that philosophy of all time. It is the dream of Karl Marx come true … a great western, industrial society has become the harbor light for Communism. Obamacare is here to stay.  It spells our doom!
Americans will have socialized medicine!
Who has the understanding, capability or willingness to oppose it?

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