I don’t know about you, but I have some difficulty in understanding what all this “trans” stuff is about.  I see the words transgender and transsexual and am mildly confused.   I know that the prefix “trans” means essentially “going across”, so I assume that transgender means going from one sex to the other … which is impossible … without mutilation.  Although I have … we all have known effeminate boys and masculine girls and we can all see that it is quite possible that these people are conflicted in their sexuality.  It is quite possible that some of these people could fervently wish that they were members of the opposite sex.   So apparently the word transsexual means that the person involved is going ahead with the mutilation and surgically altering their private sexual parts.  Gross!  Oh well, to each his own in our free society.  But when the surgery is complete, the person is still endowed with either male or female sex parts.  They are either men or women, one or the other.

One of the first huge epiphanies of my life was the realization that those little creatures that so conflicted my life called girls did not have the same private parts as I did.  And because of that, they didn’t go to the restroom the same way that I did and that was the reason that there were girls restrooms and boys restrooms.  Being a boy, it was a source of some pride to me and my other male friends that we were equipped to go “wee wee” standing up and after some clandestine intersexual demonstrations we understood that little girls generally sat down to do the same.  As little boys, my friends and I talked about the difference all the time … and we assumed that the girls did too.  We even talked about the possibility of someone being both a boy and girl at the same time … we were even told that such people existed and were called hermaphrodites … scary to contemplate … none of us ever knew one or knew anybody who did.

So why were there boys restrooms and girls restrooms?  Well, I suppose that a long time ago our society had decided that males and females should not be exposed to each other’s alimentary processes, so the decision was taken for separate restrooms.  After that decision, the next upgrade in this process was to accommodate and after that provide individual privacy.  In the girl’s restroom, matters were rather straight forward … instead of having a long line of stools out in the open, the units were compartmentalized for individual privacy.  In the boy’s restroom accommodation went from a community trough to the individual urinal to urinal compartments … the boys like their privacy too … it is not nice to gawk.   The boy’s also sometimes had other alimentary problems, so, although not so many as in the girls restroom, there were toilet stalls that provided personal privacy there too.  That is the present state of the “his and hers” restrooms almost universally, with few exceptions today in America … accommodation and privacy.

A man could go into a woman’s restroom, although at risk  of some indignation, if discovered, and perform his ablutions in complete privacy without disturbing any of the other occupants whatsoever.  By the same token, a woman could avail herself of the facilities in the men’s restroom and outside of the shocked looks on the men’s faces as she entered the room and the conjured picture of her trying to use a urinal, would probably be readily accepted.  Her only risk being that of being accosted by some male pervert.

So what is the problem in the restrooms for the transgenders?  We have established that either the modern men’s or woman’s restrooms are adequate for either sex and that their use protects personal privacy.  A transgender could use either restroom until hell freezes over without the slightest discrimination … that is unless the individual chose to enter a male facility as a female or a female facility as a male.  However the transgender is dressed should dictate which restroom to use.

As to the showers, I think that this problem would be self solving.  I cannot imagine the decibel level of the shrieking should a set of male genitals appear in a ladies shower, but I can imagine that if noise did not drive him out, the outraged women would.  Similarly, I cannot imagine the intestinal fortitude necessary to present the female form and genitalia into a shower full of men.  Anything is possible, I suppose!

So is it “much ado about nothing?”

There is a deeper and far more sinister reason for this controversy.  The President and his ultra left-wing administration are doing what the President was taught by his mentors is necessary to promote revolution, what he calls “hope and change.”  He hopes to change our country by following the tenants of Marxist revolution and the dictates of Saul Alinski’s “rules for radicals.”   The Marxists believe in the dialectical, which is the idea of opposites like man and woman or black and white or rich and poor and the like are the essence of our world.  They believe that if you can drive a wedge between these opposites and keep them in turmoil then they are ripe for direction … for revolution.  They believe that “the end justifies the means,” to lie, cheat or steal is forgivable to achieve their ends.  The President does this.  He has said that he gave up Islam, but his actions in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and Syria, among others not to mention his animosity toward Israel speak volumes to the contrary.  He has tried to kill oil and coal production in the US, with good success.  He has spent us into financial oblivion.  And now with his Constitutionally unenvisioned and probably illegal “executive orders” and even more sinister “executive suggestions” is throwing chaos into the American body politic.  His “suggestions” have loosed the EPA to promulgate rules designed to truncate farming, ranching, lumbering, mining and manufacturing, commerce and industry in general, and has set them about killing the coal industry which produces about half our electricity.  He says that he has “a phone and a pen” so that he can make any law or edict that he wants.  He knows that his actions are at least extra legal and probably illegal, but any action that the Congress takes will probably fail or he can veto and that the Courts will not act for years.  He is in essence a dictator.

He and his department of justice have presented you with a “transgender” problem to distract you from what he is really doing and to keep you in dialectical uproar over the specter of perverts in our restrooms or of the architectural and financial cost of providing separate restrooms at every public facility for the 3 in 10,000 people affected.  And he intends to keep doing things like this for the last 7 months of his administration.

Happy thought, huh?


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