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Years ago, in the early days of TV, there was a very popular show called “What’s my line?”  There was a host moderator and a panel of very bright men and women who would ask pointed questions and then guess what line of endeavor  that the guest was in.  In a variable on the show the panel would be blindfolded and try to guess the name of guest celebrity who had distorted his/her voice.  To discover the size of an object the panel would ask, “is it bigger than a bread box?” or “is it plant, animal or mineral?” or in the case of a human guest, “are you male or female?” or “are you in acting? … politics?” and so on.  The panel was not often stumped and more often than not solved the problem.  It was great fun to watch and the panel was very impressive.  The show ran for a decade or more.

So let’s do our own version of “What’s my line?”

Is it plant, animal or mineral? … animal

Is it bigger than a bread box?  … smaller

Does it swim, fly or walk?  … yes

Aw, hmm … it must be an aquatic bird.  … yes

It has feathers? … yes  It has web feet?  … yes  It has a flat bill? … yes Does it waddle when it walks? … yes  IS IT A GOOSE? … no  IS IT A DUCK? … yes  If we had asked one more pertinent question … does it honk or quack?, we would have made the correct guess in the first place.

That didn’t take long, did it?  So now let’s try a guest celebrity with a line.

Hoodwinked Panelist:  Are you male or female?  … male

Are you an actor? … some people think so.  Is that your profession? … no  Do I routinely see you on TV … I assume so.  But you are not primarily an actor?  … I am not, although some people think I am.  Do you have your own TV show?  … some people think so.  Are you the host of a TV show? no  But you are often on TV? yes  Every day?  almost.  Does the TV press contact you?  yes  Do you contact the TV press?  yes  Are you in government?  yes.  Are you close to the President? yes  ARE YOU BARACK OBAMA? yes.

Easy, huh?  But could we have guessed his line.  We would have had to questioned him in greater depth.   Who is Barack Obama … what are his aims … what does he believe … why does he do the things that he does … what is his hope … his change.

Although the “Whats my line?” method is not objective, but subjective and leads us to guesswork, it is a surprisingly accurate way of making what my college professor used to call a “guesstimate.”  Let’s see what we can find out about Mr. Obama on “What’s my line?”

You are half white aren’t you?  … yes, my father was a native citizen of Kenya and my mother was raised in Kansas and Hawaii.  You were 4 years old when your parents were divorced?  yes  Do you remember your father?  … barely.  Is your father still living?  … after he returned to Kenya he was killed in an auto crash, supposedly while driving drunk.  Is your mother living? … no, she died of cancer in the 1990’s.  Your mother remarried? … yes, to an Indonesian Sunni Muslim, Lolo Soetoro.  Did you live in Indonesia? … from age 6 to 10.  Were you exposed to the Muslim religion?  … Indonesia is the most Islamic country on Earth.  Do you have siblings? yes, at least 8.  Why?  … Obama, who was already married when he married my mom, had 5 wives and sired 8 children; Soetoro and mom had my little sister.

OK, did you grow up in Indonesia? … just from the first to fourth grades.  Were you a citizen of Indonesia?  … my school records say so and that I am a Muslim.    Then you moved?  … yes, to live with my grandparents in Hawaii.  You went to school there?  … yes, through high school.  Did you learn from others in Hawaii? … yes, my grandfather was a socialist and his friend, Frank Marshall Davis, was a Communist;  they taught me a lot about politics.  Were your parents or grandparents wealthy?  My maternal grandfather was a furniture salesman,  my father was a Kenyan tribesman, Lolo Soetoro was a government surveyor … the only person that I associated with who had any access to any money was Frank Marshall Davis who had the backing of the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA).  Yet you were admitted to the private and expensive Occidental College, where did you get the money?  … from scholarships.  You stated that when you arrived in New York City to attend Columbia that you were so broke that you had to sleep outside, but that same summer you went to Pakistan, is there a disconnect here? … none that I can see.  At that time the state department forbade travel to Pakistan, did you use a foreign passport? … no comment.  You then attended Harvard Law School after several years of community organizing, how did you finance that?  … no comment.

Later after Harvard, you moved to Chicago and met Valerie Jarrett your present principal advisor, a Marxist born in Iran, who introduced you to your wife Michelle?  … yes.  You and Michelle attended the church of Jeremiah Wright who denounced America in a sermon?  … Dr. Wright is a good person.  Your roommate at Columbia was a Muslim?  … yes.  When you started your political career, you did it from the home of North Vietnamese allied, Communist, Weather Underground terrorist bombers Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn?  … no comment.  On YouTube there is a large section, based mainly on photographic evidence, and because your father, Obama senior and your mother, only lived together until shortly after you were born, that your real father was Frank Marshall Davis; what say you to that?  …. no comment other than Frank was like an Uncle to me.  Your presidential campaign slogan was “Hope and Change”, how do you change a democratic republic;  by converting it to a socialist, fascist or communist society?  … no comment.  Why do you insist upon calling Islam a religion of peace when the religion’s bible, the Holy Koran, commands that believers convert, kill or enslave the “Infidel?”  …. no comment.  Since becoming President, wouldn’t you agree that your refusal to recognize terrorism inspired by those adhering to Islamic tenants,  the Islamic terrorism of ISIS,  your war against law and order … the police in particular, your utter disdain for the Congress, your blatant disregard for the Constitution as exemplified your illegal “Executive Orders,”  your all out attacks upon the life blood of our energy … coal and oil, and the attacks on our resource industries being fomented by the EPA, not to mention many other attacks upon the “domestic tranquillity” of our country have probably taken “Hope” out of the equation? … no comment.

So, let’s see:  Your mother was a ’60’s liberal which in those days probably meant that she was a “hippie,” she was raised by a socialist father whose good (maybe best) friend was a card-carrying Communist who wrote for Communist newspapers.  She let him characterize himself as your uncle.  He was your childhood friend.  You father was a Communist.  Your stepfather was a Communist.  You studied political science and therefore communism.  When you went into politics it was with the help and support of known Marxists and communists.  When you became President, your closest advisor was the Islamic influenced Marxist,  Valerie Jarrett.  Other advisors were like the Marxist David Axelrod and avowed Communist Van Jones who are prominent in press and media, but there are a myriad of others, not so famous, if we cared to point them out.  Your hatred for the traditional American way of life screams out at us.

Yep, for “What’s my line?” we have a quack, a waddle, a flat bill, feathers and probably web feet.  Are you: a socialist or communist or fascist or just a state-ist?  … nope, just a Progressive … a simple reformer.

Now, what about Islam:  Your name Barack Hussein Obama is Islamic.  Your father was a Muslim,  Your step father was a Muslim.  You lived in the most Islamic nation in the world during your formative years.  You learned the language.  You went to an Islamic school.  You put your religious preference as Islam on your petition to enter the school.  You went to the mosque and prayed.  Your college roommate was a Muslim.  You entered Pakistan, a Muslim country, when it was illegal for an American citizen to do so.   You must have used a foreign passport that would have shown you to be a citizen of Indonesia.  Your closest advisor may be an Iranian Muslim.  You bow down to Islamic dignitaries.  You tell us that Islam is peace when it is the greatest fomentor of terror of this new millennium.  You belonged to a church that preached hatred of America.  (Belonged to a christian church?  The “Holy Koran” tells that it is OK to lie to “infidels” during a jihad.)  You made a treaty with Iran, the foremost instigator of Islamic terrorism in the world, which you will not show to the Congress which purportedly guarantees that they will have an atomic bomb within a decade.

Once again we have the quack, waddle and all the other attributes for this ruptured duck … Are you a Muslim, closet Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer?  … although I seldom go to church, I am a devout Christian.

If Barack Obama was on “What’s my line?” the conclusive answer would be that he is a Muslim Communist.  If his vision, which he never explained, for “Hope and Change” is for a totalitarian regime in America, for that is what any form of socialism is, be it democratic socialism, fascism, communism, any other form of state-ism or for that matter Progressivism.  In order to make any of these ‘isms” work people must be compelled to toe the line.  The “State” like those ruled by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini or Mao, to name a few, always … always has to resort to force to maintain power.

We are not equal beings … you and I are unique.  The only equality that makes sense is equality before the government … equality under the law.  The law should be fair and equally applied.  Socialists would do to us what God and equality prohibits.  They would steal from one for the benefit of another.  If it is a crime for you to steal, then it is a crime for government to steal on your behalf.  For a large group to vote to steal from a smaller group is a larger crime than simple thievery because the government that was instituted to prevent thievery now enforces it.  Thou Shalt Not Steal is from the Ten Commandments.  Those commandments also tell us not to lie, tell untruths about others … bare false witness, or to plot to take that which belongs to another … not to covet.  It is the morality of the Ages.

So if Barack Obama hates our constitutional republic and pines for an Islamic Caliphate, then he is a traitor to his sacred oath of office … “I do solemnly swear (that I will) preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. … but to quote an old book title:


If Barack Obama truly does hold Islam and Socialism in higher esteem than the Constitution and freedom of religion, then most of the confusing and contradictory things that he does are suddenly explained to us the credulous … considering the trust that he has undertaken and oath that he has sworn to what would you call it?



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