Dear Sarah ..

After receiving the anonymous letter from Janel which I posted on this blog and musing upon it, I subsequently received a form letter from Sarah Palin urging me to support Donald Trump.  I have written Sarah a letter outlining my disappointment with her and the reasons why.  I offer this letter to you in hopes that it will help you in your discussions with friends and acquaintances about the pro’s and con’s of the Trump candidacy.


Dear Sarah,

This letter is in response to your “SARAH-PAC” request for money to support Donald Trump for President. I am not very optimistic that you will personally see this letter of mine but I hope so

because I believe it is important for you to hear another side to the Donald Trump story.

I want to start by saying I have been an admirer of yours since you first exploded in national headlines as a feisty and effective opponent of the “oil and gas” crowd who so viciously opposed you when you ran for Governor of Alaska the first time. You were willing to take on the establishment and thank goodness you defeated them.

Since those heady days of your early political career, I was delighted when you were selected as vice-presidential running mate for John McCain in 2008. Had you had a better mate than John, you should have been able to beat Obama. I attended the convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul that year and you were the rock star of that convention. I enjoyed your fiery speeches and earthy language which was truly refreshing amidst all of those pompous establishment political speeches.

Which brings me to the point of this letter. When I saw you come on stage with Donald Trump with your endorsement of him, I was shocked and terribly disappointed by your decision. I thought I understood you as a person who believed in a limited government based on a solid foundation of constitutional principles guaranteeing certain inalienable rights as expressed in the “Bill of Rights” as well as establishing a government founded on the principle of separation of powers i.e. Legislative, Executive and Judicial. I also thought you believed that electing a president who was honest, had integrity and could be trusted was crucial to the preservation of our ideals as a nation as founded by the illustrious founding fathers, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and others. Those men believed that character matters and I was sure you would agree with them. Your endorsement of Trump leads me to think you have sadly misjudged the man.

Therefore I am enumerating several things about Trump that I am assuming you are unaware. Trump was an admitted Democrat as late as 2000, and a significant donor to many liberal democrats including Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid. His political conversions are appearing to be legendary and timed perfectly to take advantage of his latest ambitious personal scheme. He states he will build a wall on our Mexican border and then make Mexico pay for it There is no explanation as to how he proposes to make that happen, In other words, “Just Trust Me”. He states he will send 11,000,000 illegals back to Mexico. Then he will let them all back in legally, again no details. It should be noted that in 2012 he sharply criticized Mitt Romney for being too harsh on immigration. He states he will repeal Obamacare, yet he has indicated he believes in universal healthcare (Socialized Medicine). It would be interesting to know what his version of universal healthcare would be like. I guess we could call it “TRUMPCARE”. He purports to believe in helping the “Little Guy” yet had no reluctance to illegally using the Right of Eminent Domain to take property from an elderly widow, Vera Coking for a limousine parking lot for one of his Atlantic City Casinos which later went into bankruptcy. In that case, Coking finally won her battle but had to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. After the trial Mrs. Coking was quoted, “Trump is a maggot, a cockroach and a crumb”. Well said, Vera. As recently as 2000 he was firmly pro-choice,(pro-abortion) even to refusing to oppose partial-birth abortion. He is open, even now, to subsidizing abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Trump recommended his own sister Maryanne Trump Berry for the supreme court. She’s the federal judge who overturned New Jersey’s ban on the grisly practice of partial-birth abortions. It ought to worry anyone about the real possibility of the next president with the opportunity to select three or more new judges to the supreme court. He has supported the massive bailouts and stimulus packages that have occurred in the last 12 years. Trump claims to be against the ‘establishment’, whatever that is, yet he boasts of “playing the game” by paying off politicians and enriching himself from the system he now claims to reform.

Relating to Donald Trump’s character, I want to recite a few examples that will be very revealing. Donald Trump left his first wife and married his mistress, only to leave her a few year later for another mistress. Reportedly he left his second wife by leaking the news to a New York Times reporter and left a copy of the newspaper on her bed to learn of his latest disaffection. Trump bragged about having sex with many other women, some of whom were married. Not to mention the well-known fact that he cheats at golf. Trump claims he can’t be bought. Interesting if true. One thing for sure, he will sell. He has a history of selling out everyone and anyone when it benefits him personally. He is a political opportunist with one thing in mind; do whatever it takes to advance the cause of Donald Trump. Just make a deal!!!

After reading my opinion of Donald Trump, you can surmise why I was so upset by your endorsement of him. Trump is not my idea of a person who should represent our nation. His principles, whatever they are, are not the kind I can tell my children and grandchildren, “Now there’s a man we can be proud of”.

We are surviving 8 disastrous years of the worst president we have ever had . I thought it couldn’t be any worse than Jimmy Carter. I was wrong. To think we may elect a man such as Trump whose character is bad and totally capable of doing anything that will benefit him personally is dangerous beyond belief. His demagoguery while pulling the wool over the eyes of the electorate reminds me of other men in the past who have led their countries into disaster. I just hope that Ted Cruz can defeat him in the primaries so we are not faced with the unpleasant task of voting for him instead of a socialist/communist such as Clinton or Sanders.

This letter is way too long and I apologize for that. I hope you will eventually see it and read it. If you wish to reply, I am including my contact information. Best wishes in your future endeavors.


Maurice L. Clements

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