Should Obama be impeached?

Absolutely !!!  …. that is the short answer … but he is the general of the opposing army and as we gather our forces on the field of battle and see his seemingly untenable situation and vulnerability, instead of attacking his disorganized forces, maybe we should analyze the consequences of our invited frontal assault … after all haven’t we been told that he is the smartest of all presidents?

Haven’t we analyzed his style?  We know that he is considered by many and considers himself a constitutional scholar, so why is he doing these things that seem so contrary the letter and intent of our great Constitution?

He has told us that he intends “fundamental change.”  Our analysis of this statement is that to fundamentally change the only society in history dedicated to the freedom of the individual is to enslave the population to the will of the majority or to the will of the local “committee.”  The wants of the few are to be sacrificed to the needs of the many.  Marx characterized this as the “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

We know that Barack Hussein Obama’s mother, father, grandfather, mentors and teachers were Communists.  We know that his close associates are leftists, Marxists, terrorists and America haters.  They include Michelle, Rahm Emmanuel, Frank Marshall Davis, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Anita Dunn, Van Jones and a small army of dedicated leftist “intelligentcia.”  As a “community organizer” he was undoubtedly influenced by the leftist, Saul Alinsky.

Suffice it to say that Obama has spent his intellectual lifetime being educated in the ways of socialistic revolution.  Constant turmoil.  Dialectical materialism. All things in juxtaposed chaos.  And always … always a bugaboo … for Stalin and Hitler it was the Jews … the bourgeois … the rich.  Nowadays it is discrimination, the 1%, the rich, climate change, CO2, “big business” and the hated, hateful Republicans.  He seems to have combined all the tactics of both the Communists and the Fascists.  The best description of his philosophy is the all powerful state dictating the course of our lives from the mega to the tiniest minutia … He is a “Statist.”

So what are we to do when we see his force arrayed inviting … begging for “impeachment?”  Disregard the short answer and refuse to play!  He wants his foes to “impeach” him.  He wants to redirect scrutiny of his actions away from his dictatorial socialist agenda to the fools errand of a formal impeachment.

There is a whole generation of voting Americans too young to remember the last try at impeachment.  It was proved that President William Jefferson Clinton had been given oral sex by a young female intern in the Oval Office of the President and he had lied about it under sworn oath.  The US House of Representatives indicted him by swearing out a Bill of Impeachment for a trial in the US Senate presided over by the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.  The Republicans who controlled the Senate could not even get a majority of their own members to vote to convict him of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  Predictably, not a single Senate Democrat believed that lying under oath was a “high crime.”

Now we are confronted by President Obama and his arrayed forces challenging us to indict him for what he has obviously done … over stepping his executive authority.  Obviously the US House could and should impeach him, for he is guilty as sin.  Millions of Americans would approve, for they see this tyrant attacking the instrument of our, of the world’s human freedom and they are appalled that nothing is being done to stop this melodramatic tragedy.  But he knows that his fellow travelers in the Democrat controlled US Senate would never convict him … not a chance.

If he was impeached, he would obviously demagoge about how was being abused, likely, because of his oratorical skills, deflecting the reasons for the impeachment.  But the controversy would free him of the scrutiny of the actions that he would take to realize his stated goal … “fundamental change.”

There is no doubt that the army before us intends to destroy our freedom … our Republic.  But we should fight it on our terms, not its.  The American public is beginning to see the evil in this army, this regime.  It remains to be seen if we will survive, but presently it seems that our opponent is sick and may die if we let it stand in its own venom until November.

And reflect on what would happen if Obama was convicted and removed … we would get Joe Biden.  Of course we might impeach him too … and then we would get John Boehner … kind of a sorry outcome, don’t you think?


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