The Black Swan ..

In our blog “Strategy” we discussed how military campaigns should be conducted and how military strategy and tactics apply to politics.  We should always attack the enemy where it hurts the most and, given that dictum, find where his most treasured plan is the weakest.

Where should we begin our quest against “fundamental change?”

The obvious answer is to attack “Obamacare.”  Obamacare is one of a plethora of Leftist attacks upon our freedom, but it is vulnerable to a tactical attack that could bring us the rewards required by our campaign strategic aims.  Presently, the computer program being implemented to impose this political monstrosity upon the American public is a huge crack in the wall of the socialistic tyranny that confronts us.  It is our tactical duty to attack this weakness with all the power, cleverness and ingenuity at our command.

So what is this greatest weakness?

A brilliant computer program analyst that I know points out that the Obama Care Program is a classical example of what information technologists (IT) call a “Black Swan.”   In this context, a Black Swan is a program that is a total flop in every way.  The Obamacare program is, among other things, inaccessible, inaccurate, untested, full of bugs, unprotected from hackers, hugely over complicated and generally unmanageable, not forgetting to mention hugely unpopular.  Its programmers have made it almost impossible just to gain access to it, thereby delaying the shock that will confront the prospective user when the program can finally be seen for what it is.  A Black Swan is such a serious problem in the computer industry that is has the potential to bring the company presenting it to bankruptcy and in this case this Black Swan could possibly bring down the Democratic Party.  The judgment of the IT community is that the best cure for such programs is to scrap them and start over.   Of course, the government, for political reasons, will not scrap it, for that would be admitting incompetence, the tactic of its managers will be, as always, to blame third parties for its failures.  My analyst friend assures me that the Obamacare program will never be without bugs or “glitches,” so many in fact that it can never be satisfactorily repaired.   You can make book that it will not be ready for implementation by March 30.  But, by chance on long odds, if and when it does work, the American public will see the program for what it truly is … the first step in totalitarian socialized medicine. When this is understood it is probable that popular disgust will turn to true outrage.

So how do we take tactical advantage of the situation?

The Republicans and those who treasure the American Republic must fight it by continuously pointing out its basic un-Americanism and relating the free market alternatives to it.  This is a genuinely primo chance to start a national debate over the advantages of freedom and individualism over the discredited darkness of tyrannical socialistic collectivism.   Enlightened leaders have already begun.  One of our Generals, Ted Cruz, made us aware of the danger and declared political war on this unworkable monstrosity, although many lesser generals and much of the RINO trained officer corps remained unconvinced.  General Cruz and his staff were overly enthusiastic and made a frontal charge to overthrow the demon by demanding immediate repeal.  When they failed, the “moderates” of the officer corps suggested that the roll out of the demon be deferred for a year.  Some of them were ready to capitulate completely, but wisely decided to retreat to prepared positions, the trenches of political discourse.  Of course, mistaking tactical withdrawal for victory, the advocates of the demon refused to defer implementation, ridiculed the Cruz forces and knowingly plunged ahead with their Black Swan, which they already knew was not ready for prime time.  We are now at the crucial point to initiate the proper tactics, guided by our campaign strategy, to do the demon in.

How do we do it?

We can hope that our political Generals and enlisted troops will understand the tactics and bring the campaign to a happy conclusion, as the fate of the American experiment may well rest upon their valor.

In our next blog, “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat,” we will make some suggestions on how to proceed …

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