A Little Logic or Common Sense !?

Our country seems to be adrift like a rudderless ship approaching surf pounded shoals.  Our political life is muddled chaos.  The Congress seems to be helpless to do anything constructive … it just seems to continually deepen the abyss of uncertainty.  Where do we turn?  Are there any solutions to this nation’s governmental ills?  The fact is that there are always solutions to any of our problems.  Some are good in the sense of our individualistic perspective of human freedom and some are the outmoded 19th century philosophical and 20th century hideous totalitarian socialistic solutions propounded by Karl Marx and his fellow travelers.  Those who attempted to be put into practice Marx’s socialistic utopia include the likes of Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini.  Then there are the less violent socialists but nevertheless men and movements who advanced a more insidious and probably more effective attack on human freedom, like the British Labor movement, John Maynard Keynes, Wilson, the Roosevelts, L. Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, the Bushes and not the least, Barack Obama.

How do you assess what to do?   First you must ferret out the problem.

My father used to tell me that you could probably tell the character of a problem by close examination of it and comparing it to things that you already know.  He said, “if you see an animal that is fairly small, is covered with feathers, has a short flat orange colored bill, a pointy little tail, waddles, has web feet and quacks, it is probably a duck.”  The feathers indicate that it is a bird, chickens and turkeys have sharp bills, most birds, except ducks and geese have tail feathers, both ducks and geese have web feet and waddle, but geese are big, not little and they do not quack, they honk.  We are probably are safe in deducing that our animal is a water bird, a duck.  We can use logic; we can “De-Duckt It.”!!!!

Now let’s see what we can “De-Duckt.”

How about the New York City mayoral and council races?

I was appalled to see that the leading candidate in the polls for mayor was the disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner.  What an apropos name for a “cocky” exhibitionist sex pervert who takes pictures of his private member and posts it to mindless females on “Facebook.”  This weenie gives new meaning to what we out here in the west would call this man; he is and has documented in the most public way what he is … a prick.  And what does this say about the moral character of his thrice defamed wife, who is going to “stand by her man,” Huma, the long time aide to another cuckolded woman, Hillary Clinton.  Is she like her mentor gearing up for a future life in politics?

Then we have the despicable Eliot Spitzer running for city Comptroller … the man that will handle all the hundreds of millions of dollars that it takes to run America’s biggest city.  The whore mongering, cuckolding, moral crusading former NYC prosecutor and disgraced former governor of New York who obviously used his “influence” to avoid prosecution for soliciting illegal sex and who is now condemning Weiner for immorality says that he is reformed, seeks forgiveness and needs “a second chance.”

Shockingly and incomprehensibly both these men have been leading in the political polls.  If this is a democracy with an informed electorate who would consider these men, much less elect them, then God help us.  You want to know what is the matter with America?  Is this the best that a city of 7 million people can field to lead them.  Isn’t this enough for a caring American to consider the opposition to these political aberrations?

As we have long opined in this blog, the answer lies in the difference between Democracy and the American Democratic Republic given to us by the “Founders.”

We will explore this premise in a series of blogs about the problems our country is being confronted with and see what we can De-Duckt!



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