The End of a Really Bad Nightmare

To this day, long after he left office, Democrats would have us believe that George W. Bush, among all the leaders of the free world, believed faulty pre-war intelligence to be true, causing him to use “contrived” intelligence assessments to lead us into war.  Hence, “Bush lied!”

They would have us believe that the misery in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was all George Bush’s fault.  They insist that Bush saw a major U.S. city, built ten feet below sea level and filled with Democrats, as nothing more than a “target of opportunity.”

They would have us believe that piping loud rap “music” into the cells of Islamic terrorists, depriving them of sleep… the same torture that parents of American teenagers are forced to endure every day… is prohibited by the Geneva Convention, just because George Bush did it.

They are convinced that Bush opposed government health care subsidies for families earning as much as $80,000 a year because he simply didn’t care whether children live or die.  And today they insist that Barack Obama must be allowed to take control of the health care needs of the American people because we are simply too dumb to understand what’s good for us.

When Obama insisted that he could provide health care services for an additional thirty million people without increasing the number of doctors, nurses, and hospitals; that he could strip $716 billion out of the Medicare system without rationing health care for seniors; that he could reduce the overall cost of health care just by eliminating waste and fraud; and that he could bring new economies to the system while leaving trial lawyers free to plunder it, Democrats embraced all of those wild fantasies by merely assuming that Obama actually believes what he says.

So what are we to think of this seemingly mindless headlong rush to political oblivion?  Picture the following scenario:

It is the final day, the end of the Earth.  At the stroke of midnight people look to the skies and there is no darkness.  Instead, the sky is filled with blinding light as the planets begin to collide.

The Moon, a fiery ball, ceases its eternal orbit and plummets toward Earth, while around the globe the oceans rise up in great tsunamis, sending thousand foot waves crashing ashore on every continent.  Entire cities are swept away, their terrified inhabitants drowning by the millions.

Around the world, hundreds of giant volcanoes, dormant for many centuries, roar into life.  In Indonesia and the Philippines, the island nations of the Ring of Fire, volcanoes spew immense white-hot boulders into the sky.  They fall to Earth with the impact of nuclear bombs while rivers of lava roll down the mountainsides, snuffing out every city and town in their path.

On the west coast of North America, geologic faults part and hundreds of great cities slide off into a massive ocean trench, taking some fifty million inhabitants to their death.  The fracturing of the Earth’s crust along the continental shelf opens great fissures in the ocean floor, causing billions of barrels of petroleum to float to the surface.  The oil is immediately ignited and the once-placid North Pacific becomes an ocean of fire with flames reaching miles into the sky.

On the Asian continent, the great landmass of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh suddenly presses northward against the borders of China and Nepal, causing Mount Everest and the Himalayas to thrust thousands of feet skyward.  The resulting earthquakes and their aftershocks flatten every building on the continent, from the Indian Ocean to the Sea of Japan, killing more than a billion people.

Across Africa, the few remaining survivors of the AIDS pandemic struggle to find food and shelter in a landscape littered with tens of millions of rotting corpses.

It is the final day, the Day of Judgment that God has always promised.  All of his magnificent works, created over millions of years, he has destroyed in a single day.

For thousands of years God had extended his loving mercy to mankind, forgiving unimaginable cruelty, holocaust, and genocide.  He was unhappy with the greed, the avarice, and the deceit that man displayed, and when parents no longer instilled the virtues of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule in their children, what was the point of allowing it to go on?  He had given man the ability to think, to feel, and to act unselfishly on behalf of others, but when it became clear that man no longer used those precious gifts for the good of all, he decided to end it.

But as he examined the hearts of each and every man, woman and child who had ever lived, sorting out those who possessed a conscience from those who did not, there were those who scoffed at his authority and who refused to accept his judgment.

While an endless stream of humanity paraded past the Throne, heads bowed in humility, a group of malcontents led by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, their bodies covered with painful boils and festering cancerous sores, exhorted the masses, trying as they might to incite hatred and rebellion against conservatives and Republicans.  They chanted, “BLAME IT ON BUSH!  BLAME IT ON BUSH!  BLAME IT ON BUSH!” as they marched.

The Lord just looked at them and shook his head.  Even on their last day they could not conduct themselves with honor and dignity; they could not accept God’s commandment to “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

But God knows what is in men’s hearts.  He raised his mighty hand and directed the huge throng of reluctant evildoers to a large door behind the Throne, beyond which a great fire was burning and where Ted Kennedy could be seen greeting and embracing each new arrival.

I watched as Barack Obama slinked away from the crowd, shielded by a phalanx of reporters and MSNBC pundits, hoping to pass unnoticed through the Pearly Gates.  But as he did, St. Peter put out a hand and stopped him, barring his way.  He inquired, “My son, are you not the infamous Barack Obama?”

Obama was insulted that such a man would question his right to pass through.  He struck a defiant pose, thrusting out his chin in his trademark Mussolini-like stance, and said, “Yes, I am.  But who are you to stand in my way?  Did you not hear when I said, ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for?’  Did you not hear when I told my people that, ‘this was the time when the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal?’ ”

St. Peter chuckled, coldly.  He fixed Obama with a steely gaze, and said, “Mr. Obama, you may have thought you were the Messiah, and you may have convinced millions of gullible followers that you were.  But sir, if you don’t mind my saying so, in the words of that famous Texan, Lloyd Bentsen… I knew the Messiah, and you’re no Messiah!”

Then, suddenly, I was awakened in a cold sweat by the sound of my alarm.  It took me a moment to get my bearings, but then I realized that it was 7:00 AM on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and that what I had just experienced was the end of a really bad nightmare.  In an instant I was out of bed and pulling on my clothes.  I wanted to be among the first to get to the polls to cast my ballot.

The day that we’d all been waiting for had finally arrived.  It was the day when the good people of America would take back their country, bringing it back from the brink of man-made disaster.  With God’s help, we would once again be a great nation.

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