France is Dead!

This article in the Washington Times today gives us a deep insight into what we here in America are facing in the future.  It comes from … The Tygrrrr Express by Eric Golub

I have included the highlights of the article and included the link to the full text if you would like to read it.

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2012 — France is finished. Stick a fork in them. Dead nation walking.

The country known for cheese and surrender has finally thrown in the towel on its very existence. The results from their presidential election are in, and the French people have gleefully shouted “Vive La Suicide!”

After one term, conservative (by French standards) Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated by Socialist Francois Hollande. Mr. Hollande won between 51 and 52% of the vote to Mr. Sarkozy’s 48-49%.

The only thing left to determine would be whether the official death of the nation would begin the following day or after a brief transition …

France, like much of the world in 2012, is a mess. While everything is relative, France suffers from high unemployment, staggering youth unemployment, sluggish economic growth, radicalized minorities rioting in the streets, and a bloated public sector bureaucracy. In short, they are everything American liberals dream about …

He would drastically raise taxes, especially on the rich. He would hire 60,000 new civil servants.

Does this sound familiar? …

France is about to become Greece, only significantly less likable …

This is Barack Obama’s America if he wins a second term. Liberals will finally have their utopia. America will be France.

Conservatives do not want this. We understand that France is not utopia.

France is dead.


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