Barack Obama – Identity Thief?

Since the day that Barack Obama burst onto the national scene there has been much speculation about his true identity… who and what he is and where he came from.  These are odd questions to be asking about a mysterious man who sits in the White House, signing laws and appointing dangerous left wing ideologues to the federal bench… his finger on the nuclear button.  

One of the most interesting speculations about Obama centers on his Social Security number, 042-XX-XXXX, a number which, according to Social Security Administration procedure, was reserved for a card holder who resided in the State of Connecticut… a place where Obama has never lived.   

One report has the holder of the Obama SSN residing or working at the following Chicago addresses: 180 N. LaSalle Street, 5046 S. Greenwood Avenue, 5450 S. East View Park, 5429 S. Harper Avenue, 5324 S. Kimbark Avenue, and 7436 S. Euclid Avenue.   However, the holder of that SSN is also reported to have resided at 365 Broadway in Somerville, Massachusetts and 300 Massachusetts Ave. NW, in Washington, DC.

If the Social Security number is, in fact, the number that Obama has used throughout his adult life, the associated addresses are all within reason.  Obama spent a number of years in South Chicago working as a community rabble-rouser and later attended Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just south of Somerville.  He may also have rented an apartment at 300 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC, just blocks from the U.S. Capitol.  

However, the mystery of Obama’s Social Security number took an interesting turn recently when Susan Daniels, a Cleveland, Ohio private investigator, discovered that the SS number in question was originally issued to a Connecticut resident who was born in 1890 and who applied for a SS number in or around March 1977.  

Other investigators report that the Social Security number in question was issued to a man named Jean Paul Ludwig who was born in France on February 17, 1890 and who came to the U.S., via Ellis Island, on August 12, 1924.  After arriving in the U.S. he was employed in Washington, DC by U.S. Senator David Reed (R-PA), helping the senator translate his French language texts to English.  Other than those sketchy details, not much is known about Ludwig’s life except that he moved to Hawaii late in life and died in Honolulu, apparently intestate, in June 1981, at age 91. 

Needless to say, in the absence of a complete and thorough investigation, this raises some very interesting, and very serious, questions.  For example:

If a man named Ludwig arrived in the United States in 1924, at age 34, and lived all of his adult life in the United States, why did he wait until 1977, when he was 87 years old, to apply for a Social Security number?  And if Ludwig, or another 87-year-old person, was assigned the number 042-XX-XXXX in 1977, how did Obama manage to obtain the same number… given that the Social Security Administration never issues the same number to two people?

Allow me to engage in some unproven but highly plausible speculation… speculation that Oliver Stone, who produced JFK and Nixon, might wish to turn into a movie titled, Obama.

In 1967, when Obama was just six years old, he and his mother moved from Honolulu to Jakarta with her second husband, Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia.  Upon arriving in Jakarta, it was time for Obama to be enrolled in school.  However, since the Indonesians did not recognize dual citizenship and required all students to be citizens of Indonesia, Obama was adopted by his stepfather… losing his U.S. citizenship and acquiring Indonesian citizenship in the process.

Then, in 1971 or 1972, when Obama was ten years old and his mother’s second marriage had failed, she returned him to Hawaii to live with his grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham.  It was there he completed his primary and secondary school education at an expensive private prep school, the Punahou School, in Honolulu. 

Of course, that raises the question: since his grandparents were not wealthy, why did they not send him to a public school?  Was he sent to Punahou because public schools in Honolulu required documents such as birth certificates, passports, visas, and power of attorney signed by his mother… documents Obama may not have possessed… while entrance to Punahou, with scholarship assistance, was possible on the basis of competitive testing alone?  

Then, during his teen years, sometime between 1977 and 1979, Obama wished to earn a bit of spending money or college money.  This presented the Dunhams with a bit of a dilemma.  The sixteen-year-old grandson who lived with them was no longer a U.S. citizen; he was a citizen of Indonesia and was not in possession of a valid U.S. passport or a Social Security number.  They were aware that it was possible to purchase a bogus Social Security card off the “street,” but they hesitated to engage in that sort of illegal conduct. 

Instead, as a vice president of the Bank of Hawaii, Obama’s grandmother had access to Social Security information on depositors and Honolulu residents that was not available to ordinary citizens.  Sorting through bank records and the Social Security database, she found a new SS account belonging to an 87-year-old Honolulu resident, Jean Paul Ludwig, who had recently arrived in Hawaii and who had paid nothing into the Social Security System during his entire working career.  As such, he had no hope of ever receiving any form of Social Security benefits.

How could an 87-year-old man exist in the U.S. for more than fifty years without ever registering with the Social Security Administration?  It’s easy.  As a French-English interpreter, he simply operated on a cash basis, without ever paying federal or state income taxes, and paying no F.I.C.A. taxes.  This made Ludwig the perfect target for identity theft because, even if he learned that someone else was using his Social Security number, there was not much he could do about it without exposing himself.  The criminal penalties and the tax liabilities he would incur made it highly unlikely that he would ever register a complaint. 

If Ludwig died in Honolulu, intestate, in June 1981, and if his death was never reported to the Social Security Administration by family members seeking benefits, the Social Security account would have remained active.  And once he was dead and gone, an identity thief had nothing more to fear about using the stolen Social Security number.  He would only have to be very careful to conceal his true identity for the rest of his life.  He could never put himself in a position where he might trigger an investigation into the details of his Social Security number. 

So, when Obama went to work for Baskin-Robbins in Honolulu sometime between 1977 and 1979, he would have been required to enter a Social Security number on his job application.  Did he apply for a Social Security card?  I would guess that he didn’t.  If he had no birth certificate, and if he was traveling either on a void American passport or a valid Indonesian passport, the complications of applying for reinstatement as a U.S. citizen were far too daunting.  I would speculate that when he filled out his Baskin-Robbins job application he simply pulled from his pocket the slip of paper that his grandmother had given him and copied the number 042-XX-XXXX into the appropriate box.

Donald Trump has said that his private investigators in Hawaii and elsewhere “can’t believe what they’re finding.”  If they really want to earn their money they’ll do a bit of investigating at the Baskin-Robbins corporate headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts.  If they find that, at some time between 1977 and 1979, Baskin-Robbins employed an 88 or 89-year-old ice cream scooper named Barack Hussein Obama at one of their stores in Honolulu, then we will know for certain that the man who now resides in the White House is a felony identity thief… among other things.

And if the Baskin-Robbins archives are complete, except for job applications from a single store in Honolulu covering the years 1977-79, then they will know that the Obama “scrubbing” team got there before them.

Admittedly, much of what I have written is speculation, but it is informed speculation that deserves further investigation.  What is not open to speculation is that Obama is using a Social Security number first assigned to a Connecticut resident in 1977… a man born in 1890.  Susan Daniels, P.I., has established that fact and I trust the work she has done, although she is now of the opinion that Obama had a different Social Security number as a teenager and only began using the stolen number during his college years.  Since the use of a Social Security number issued to another person equates to identity theft, it deserves to be investigated and prosecuted.

But who is to investigate and prosecute the crime?  The Republicans who control the House of Representatives tremble at the thought of impeaching Obama because he is a black man, while those in the Department of Justice with the responsibility for enforcing our laws work for Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, the most corrupt man ever to serve in that office.

We are now just seventeen months away from the 2012 General Elections, so it is important that we all remember this: Friends don’t allow friends to drink and drive… nor do they allow them to vote Democratic.  Once Obama is out of the Oval Office he must be arrested and prosecuted.

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