A Spartan First ..

You may have noticed that we have a new Ephor.  Those of you that have followed this blog from its beginning know that the Ephors of ancient Sparta, as I visualize them, were the sages of the community.  They were bewhiskered, bald headed old men dressed in white robes, holding their staffs, standing in wisps of mist on a mountain top.  Your were told that the propose of the blog is to enable you to try to use your will combined with the wisdom of the Ephors to save the Republic.

Let me assure you that the new Ephor, Rosa, has only one thing in common with that ancient visualization … SAGACITY! … Rosa is an engineering graduate from Cornell University.  She is beautiful, multilingual, smart and a mom.  And to my knowledge the first female Ephor in all history.

Rosa has been publishing her articles on her own blog and will now publish her writings on Order of the Ephors simultaneously.  I urge you to catch up on her work by clicking on “Rosa’s Reality Check” on the header of the main page and then follow her informed and timely work in the future for your own edification.

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