As Promised ..

In the following days, as promised some time ago, I will post four essays about the “Freedom of Man.”  I have attempted to probe how Man’s relationship with government has alternately progressed and regressed many times in the quest to find a way for the individual to be free in a civilized society.  You will see that I feel that, to date, the American Republic answers that quest best.  We will look into what our Forefathers intended, how they intended to do it, how their intentions have been perverted and how to fix it.

It takes some time to study the case and discuss it.  There will be some lose ends that will be analyzed further in follow-up articles.

To me, it is apparent that America is entering a time of great national danger.  Evil forces, both internal and external, are gathering their strength to, knowingly or unknowingly, destroy our Republic and our way of life.  As I see it, the American people have three choices; roll over, play dead, and let the enemies of freedom prevail, use our intelligence and will to peaceably and politically reclaim our Republic or unthinkably become embroiled in a civil war to determine our destiny.  For me, like Patrick Henry, “give me liberty or give me death” is my course.  He would have fought to the death … but remember, he was a truly honest politician … and his thoughts and words were far more powerful than any gun in his hands.

If you like what I say, say so by commenting.  Comment, also, if you don’t like the words or ideas.  If you are reading this I know you care.

Lee B

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