What is this deal about cow flatulence?

There is a carbon cycle just like the water cycle. Cows don’t create carbon dioxide, they just re-inject it back into the atmosphere from whence it came.  Plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in order to make the sugars and starches that sustain their life.  Animal herbivores depend upon the energy rich plant material to sustain their lives and carnivores eat them.  Essentially, all animals, no matter their size, from microbe to brontosaurus, depend upon plants for life.  And plants upon the carbon dioxide in the air.   Plants are either eaten, die and decompose from bacterial action or burn.  In all these processes the carbon compounds in their bodies are re-oxidized to CO2.  Likewise, when animals die, they too return to the atmosphere.

The suggestion that animals are partially responsible for “man caused global warming” is too ignorant to label as ludicrous.

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  1. republic says:

    It’s pretty obvious to me that the actual reasons for things don’t matter any more. Anything that can be done to control our lives, will be done…if we allow it.

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