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Who’s the Liar?

Paul has just e-mailed this to many of us … as those of you that read this blog know, we here believe that the voice stress analysis described in this video should be used by the TSA in airports instead … Continue reading

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Another High-Tech Lynching?

So exactly what is this “sexual harassment,” that Herman Cain is now charged with?  How does it differ from what is generally referred to as “making a pass?”  How does it differ from “sexual assault?”  And how does it differ … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of Rick Perry

At a time when the Republican field was limited to Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson (Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman still had not announced), it looked as if the Republican nomination would … Continue reading

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