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A Look at the Enemy ..

One of the most poignant moments to remember of the 1960’s is that of Nikita Khrushchev, the communist leader (dictator) of the Soviet Union, standing in the United Nations, banging the heel his shoe on the table and shouting at … Continue reading

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A New Idea on Gun Control ..

NO, NO, Just think about this for a few minutes: It really makes sense And if nothing else why not? Who will it hurt? Just think about it !!!!!! Sensible Non-Gun Registration Plan … That Could Work Vermont State Rep. Fred … Continue reading

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Chuck de Caro’s War – Part 3

In recent columns we’ve discussed the subject of “SOFTWAR,” or, as its creator and chief proponent, Chuck de Caro, defines it, “the hostile use of global television to shape another society’s will by changing its view of reality.”  To remove … Continue reading

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