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Living with Jihad ? …

A friend sent me an e-mail about how to understand the state of the war on terror in this country, what to expect and how to position oneself in case the situation deteriorates.  I have no way to verify the … Continue reading

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The Insanity Called Airport Security

By far the best available technology to fill the airline security need is the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer CVSA (cost: $10,000-12,000). A major airport with six security screening lanes could be equipped for less than $75,000, as opposed to the $1.38 million cost of what the TSA is now purchasing and installing. But what is more important is that the CVSA system would be far more effective in screening out those who are intent upon injuring or killing their fellow passengers.

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Another Convention? …

Individual freedom, the incontrovertible basis of our society, cannot co-exist within a command society, be it a tyrant or a collective.  The free man does not depend upon the orders or largess of others, he knows and revels in the … Continue reading

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