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Yesterday, I was watching a Congressman on one of the talk shows defending the Obama administration’s profligate spending of nearly a trillion dollars on the “stimulus.”   The commentator was pooh-poohing the figures that the representative was giving by showing that … Continue reading

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Are we at war?

Dear Friends, In this article by Pat Buchanan, he attempts to deal with the upcoming debacle about to befall this country relating to the trial of the prisoners at Gitmo.  His question, “Are we at war?” is an important aspect … Continue reading

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Obama is NOT Eligible

In 2008, a coalition of voters… blacks who would have voted for any black man, even Willie Horton or O.J. Simpson, merely because he was black; young white liberals who paid no attention to who he was or what he stood for, but who thought it would be “cool” to have a “hip” black president; and other white Democrat partisans who would do anything or say anything just to regain power… have given us a leader who is not only sublimely naïve, totally inexperienced and unqualified, and grossly inadequate, but clearly ineligible.
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