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I’m a first generation American whose parents came to the USA from Nicaragua. Educated partially in the USA and partially in Nicaragua, I’ve lived all over the USA and traveled all over Latin America for work. My formal training is in Environmental and Biological Engineering from Cornell University, and I also have an MBA from the University of Florida. When I married my wonderful Idahoan husband, the need for me to work disappeared and I moved permanently to the USA, where we live now, currently in California. I raise our kids, manage our investments, and learn more every day about this wonderful country in which I had the good fortune to be born.

“Safety” versus Liberty

There’s something that’s been on my mind lately. It bugs me so much that it inspired me to finally make my comeback at blogging. As we near the November elections, there are a lot of issues, of course, that bug … Continue reading

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I know it’s been a long time…again. Sorry, life has been challenging this past year, but it looks like things are finally under control. Where was I the last time I wrote? Oh, yes. My unending battle with the forces … Continue reading

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The Last Straw

“Whew!” I thought, as I watched all my stuff finally get unpacked, after transporting it home along with my two cars. After our odyssey getting our stuff past Nicaraguan Customs into Nicaragua (and thousands of dollars later) I was finally … Continue reading

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