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Throughout history, mankind has confronted many major crises and turning-points, both positive and negative, manmade and naturally-occurring. For purposes of this essay I prefer to divide those crises into just two major categories: 1) man-made and natural disasters, from which … Continue reading

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The Trojan Horse of Terrorism

In a March 7, 2017 story by Dan Bilefsky, headlined “Hungary Approves Detention of Asylum Seekers in Guarded Camps,” the New York Times reported that “Europe’s simmering backlash against immigration came into sharp relief on Tuesday when the Hungarian Parliament … Continue reading

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The Wall ..

President Trump says the wall will be built.  When I first heard him say that, I thought to myself … Good God!!! … a fence 1200 miles long!  Being a former cattle rancher who used to maintain 120 miles of … Continue reading

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