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Illegal? ..

I have been told that it is illegal to “propose” a state constitutional amendment that would re-enfranchise the state’s counties by doing away with the “one man, one vote” mandate imposed by the Reynolds v. Sims decision handed down by … Continue reading

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Yes, Martha, There Really is a Deep State

In recent times we’ve heard much about something called the “Deep State.”  But if it truly exists, where is it?  Who lives there?  Who created it?  And who are its citizens?  In my lifetime I’ve visited forty-six of the fifty … Continue reading

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Words ..

It is amazing how words change things. When I went to school, my teacher taught me the word “often” should be pronounced “off  nn”, not “off ten”.  She said that the latter pronunciation marked you as “uneducated.”  Of course, most … Continue reading

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